Sci-fi Armor Concept (video tutorial added)

Hey there! I don’t really do a lot of still renders anymore, but I thought I could give this one a go since it kinda turned out to be an interesting character to develop further.

I was asked to come up with an image to promote the upcoming Blender Cloud HDRI library. I put together this character concept rather quickly (mostly due to kit-bashing assets from Tears of Steel for the tiny details), using one of the HDRIs as the only light source.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Edit: Here’s a 30 min video In which I explain how the image was made:


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well let me be the first to say “jesus christ bro”. I could really stand to learn how to texture like you. great piece

Could you do tutorial for this? I want to make this sci-fi armor.

Nice imagination for this one ! I see a hard battle with a lot of guys like this after that :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, the texture looks very impressive. Well done, 5 stars for me :slight_smile:

Very bello

You’re very good, as always excellent work. A question the materials are procedural, or are painted?

WOW - this is … just wow

Totally awesome! Love this one. Especially the damaged concept. Sure like me, a lot of people will try something like it :slight_smile:

software for texturing? substance?

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the kind words and the feature! :slight_smile:

I almost forgot I made a wireframe for this:

brus: Cheers! I actually recorded a full half an hour video walkthrough of this file, so I hope this explains how it was made. I’m going to publish it on the cloud soon, for free of course!

pafurijaz: The materials are semi- procedual; The actual surfacing is done with image textures, but the way they’re mapped is very procedual in the sense that it uses the pointiness value a lot. Most of the object actually have the same material applied. Again, the walkthrough explains that at some length. :slight_smile:

finalbarrage: I only use Blender. For “serious” work I would have done a UV unwrap and texture painted it, this character only uses generic metal textures and some masking tricks. Substance looks awesome, but since Blender is my fulltime job, I am using it everywhere :cool:

Thank you all again for the comments, keep it up!

Thank you! I’ll get to work.

cool design!

Alright, the tutorial/walkthrough is up! I hope it’s useful!


Perhaps to grungy materials and shot feels like the subject is a doll… It does look realistic, great lighting

Wow, love the concept and the wet look!

Excellent textures!

This is bad-ass like something you would see in a high end game trailer like from Epic. 5 stars from me.

Nice! That smoke and mood… great work!

Btw: Look at your sign left bottom at picture :wink:

That’s looking really great. Nice work.

well let me be the first to say jesus christ bro :smiley: :smiley: