Sci-fi meets steampuck with leather.


Your head modelling looks really good to me.

Nice concept and good modelling start…following !

Some more tweaking and learning how to smooth things out. All critiques are welcome

great work!

This was a start of my first try at making armor and a costume for my character. The mesh was from a dual mesh theory that was developed by Alessandro Zomparelli. Needing critiques and suggestions. I am redoing the ab part as we speak. I’m not all the way satisfied with it. I will post something soon.

This is the revision of armor/costume. I was up until 4 am. Need some comments.

Hey, jmusicvibe, I like what you are doing here, it’s coming along very nicely. Modelling is well done and especially the wires for the head show nice and animation friendly loops. The second armor is much better than the first one. Other than that there isn’t much to mention at the moment. Perhaps there are some too sharp lines at the arms, especially the forearms.

You didn’t tell us much about your plans with this project so it’s difficult to give any other feedback right now. But I must say, that your second armor has a very femine touch :slight_smile: That’s nice and a very special thing concerning an armor. You’ll have to decide whether this will fit to your heroine.

Very good work so far.

Thank you . I do want to rig it. I plan on this being a high poly character for a demo reel that I will be working on. The armor is going to be a type of leather armor along with the scale look on the chosen areas. I’m hoping this goes well. I have taken a break for a sec and have started choosing the textures for outfit and the skirted area. It’s pretty much a full body suit save the right arm. Please send more suggestions and critiques.

Well, looking forward to seeing the textures and the colors you choose for that. Don’t want to influence you in your choice.

I’ve spotted a little stretching in this area. Perhaps this material is able to stretch in this way, but it looks more like a solid scale armor.

I like the way this is coming together. The head and body meshes have lovely clean lines.
I agree with minoribus the second armor is better, I thought the seam down the centre of the first was too obvious.
Keep it up I’m following this with interest.

I agree with others here, really nice modelling lines. I am learning from your technique. Would you give more detail about how you are modelling the armour, so that we can …er how can I put this, steal it?

I have been watching but haven’t posted a comment yet but feel the need to now. I commend you on your choice of models it’s nice to see a woman of color being represented in 3d.

There you go. These youtube vids display how I accomplished the armor thus far.

Thanks I’m really going for a realistic model. And I really want this to come out well. Not cartoonish. I’m a newbie but I’m shooting high. Any and all help is welcome to meet this goal. I also started a blender google hangout group on facebook for video conferencing to help share techniques to all levels of skill in blender and 3d. I have been getting a lot of feed back from people to put this zbrush for some serious detail. I want to do it in blender with the help of a really good sculptor artist from here. I know kent is really good but he is also soooooooooo busy. So again any help is welcome. Here is the link to the facebook group if you would like to join: Come Join us the more the merrier. :yes::cool:

This is looking pretty awesome! I like everything that you’ve done so far. :slight_smile:

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