Sci-Fi room in Cryengine 3

(|MM|) #1

Here’s my game environment I did with Blender and PS (Mudbox to a very small extent).
I exported my meshes with the amazing CryBlend exporter by Angelo J. Miner which you can
download here


















(georg) #2

Are these real-time screenshot of your game? :]

(anaho) #3

I think I saw them on Polycount the other day and was really impressed with the quality and lighting from this. Could this actually be run in realtime with that quality?

(|MM|) #4

It’s absolutely realtime and runs smoothly on my mediocre pc (Athlon x4 640, GF GTS 450, 8 gigs ram) at 720p.

(rovy) #5

This is outstanding, very professional

(A'nW) #6

Wow. Love it. It looks great. My only critique is the chromatic aberration. I personally think that you have it turned on way to much.
That is awesome that this runs realtime though.

(michalis) #7

Awesomeness indeed.
I’m impressed. Wow.
Trees are marvelous, are they modeled in blender?
Excellent work!

(|MM|) #8

Everything is modeled in Blender.

(GJAnders) #9

Cryengine 3 is so amazing with what it can achieve and you did a great job in using its resources

(SanketN8) #10

just two words HATS OFF !!! :wink:

(Ace Dragon) #11

This is almost cinematic quality to say the least, when taking into account the lighting, contrast, and overall style. It kind-of has a slight painterly feel to it which seems to work well for this series.

Now while it may not seem to have quite as much lighting detail as say, something rendered in Cycles, it does show just how far game engine technology has come in the race to fully take advantage of rapidly advancing hardware.

(GraphiX) #12

Trees… How?.. Beautiful!..

(|MM|) #13

Thanks a lot guys!

For the trees I first baked the leaves to textures, then placed texture planes on the branches.


(for_the_kingdom) #15

that’s really good (espeshaly the plants)

(TheDuckCow) #16

I hate it when realtime renders slam to the ground things I’ve rendered for hours/days :smiley: I’m trying to come up witha critique, and the only thing that even popped into my mind was that in some fo those shots the organic material seemed perhaps a little to specular/shiny… but even that might not be the case.

If you’ve heard of Andrew Price’s “Photorealistic competition”, any one of those shots would blow away half the entires. Truly incredible.

(lazerblade) #17

Sad that it’s only for cycles or internal renders. ;(

(motorsep) #18

Yeah, looking sweet. Love the plants!

How long did it take you to model / texture whole scene before you put it into CE3 ?

(maleficmax) #19

Wow! Is it possible to try it on my PC? Or some licenses needed?

(Writer's Block) #20

Brilliant indeed!