SciFi Animation "Alexander's run"

Made all in Blender 2.91 :grin:
Render in Eevee. :blush:
Sound editting in blender :grin:
Color grading in Davinci Resolve.

Please use your headphones, sitback, relax and enjoy :wink:

Unknow location. April 9th, 2260.
21 hours after the Io incident.
The Alexander recently was in the “Io incident” at Jupiter
( 21 hours before, Io Transfer Point) against Clark-loyal ships,
just after President Clarks declare martial law.
General Hague 's ship, the Alexander, was damege during the combat
but manage to scape and it’s in his way to a safety port :wink: “Alexanders’s run”
Omega and Starfury (amazings!) models by… @Chris Kuhn-3D Artist
Scene, lighting, retexturing, aditional modeling,
Animation, compositing and sound editing by… me.


It’s a fabulous work!
I love the SciFi univers :grinning:

:wave: :+1:

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It’s a cool shot, but all that shallow DoF is making it look like a miniature. Was that your intent?

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I love it but I too find it somewhat “appears” like it’s a small model. Babylon 5 was one of my favorite TV sci-fi series from the 90s. J. Michael Straczynski is a great writer.

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Thanks man! :grin:

no, maybe i used to much DoF. Thanks for the comment! :blush:

a great show indeed! thanks :grin:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much! :blush:
have a great weekend too!