SciFi Animation "Alexander's run"

Made all in Blender 2.91 :grin:
Render in Eevee. :blush:
Sound editting in blender :grin:
Color grading in Davinci Resolve.

Please use your headphones, sitback, relax and enjoy :wink:

Unknow location. April 9th, 2260.
21 hours after the Io incident.
The Alexander recently was in the “Io incident” at Jupiter
( 21 hours before, Io Transfer Point) against Clark-loyal ships,
just after President Clarks declare martial law.
General Hague 's ship, the Alexander, was damege during the combat
but manage to scape and it’s in his way to a safety port :wink: “Alexanders’s run”
Omega and Starfury (amazings!) models by… @Chris Kuhn-3D Artist
Scene, lighting, retexturing, aditional modeling,
Animation, compositing and sound editing by… me.


It’s a fabulous work!
I love the SciFi univers :grinning:

:wave: :+1:


It’s a cool shot, but all that shallow DoF is making it look like a miniature. Was that your intent?



I love it but I too find it somewhat “appears” like it’s a small model. Babylon 5 was one of my favorite TV sci-fi series from the 90s. J. Michael Straczynski is a great writer.


Thanks man! :grin:

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no, maybe i used to much DoF. Thanks for the comment! :blush:

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a great show indeed! thanks :grin:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much! :blush:
have a great weekend too!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Definitely giving me The Expanse vibes. Well done!


no more than 5 sec to dive in it !

you pull me in your scene through images and sound and i love this !
This is great art !

Oh and btw, where does the epic tune come from ? :wink:

Happy blending !

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Epic tribute to an epic show. Amazing stuff!

Here’s to Gen. Hague! Were it not for that double booking…

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Great work, congrats. :+1:

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Being a huge B5 fan all i can say is thank you and keep it up with good work!

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Nice! Good job giving the IP a preview of what a new effects pass could be like :slight_smile:

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Thanks you Bart! :grin:

Thanks! the music is from The Expanse! it was a muse definitely :wink:

What this shows is that Eevee is very good at doing science fiction and spaceships, to the point where it is far better than what those TV shows did for effects in the 90’s.

To think that imagery that would’ve required a farm back then are done almost in realtime now, and now even unbiased path tracing is starting to become doable in realtime.

Considering I have long been a fan of science fiction, this was a very good, if short, blast of eyecandy.

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Absolutely fantastic work