Scifi spaceship orbiting around earth

Hey there,

together with @ChrisG-Imagery and a few other talented filmmakers I’m working on a relatively big no-budget Scifi film project “Beyond the Blue”. The story evolves around two friends living a world that is close to dying and trying to get the last hope of the planet, a genetically modified plant, to an organization of which they hope it can put it to use.

This is going to be a frame of the very first shot of the movie: a spaceship orbiting around earth, carrying people who are trying to escape the apocalypse by fleeing to another planet. This scene is a cooperation between me and Chris (who is also directing the film), as will be many of the special effects in the movie.

A scene for the spaceship interiour can be seen here:

The scene was rendered in Cycles and the compositing and lens flare was all done in Blender.


Hi Scalix / ChrisG,

Cool! Looking forward to seeing more and seeing the final film. Good luck and happy blending.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow that’s awesome. Thank you Bart!
And thanks to you paul, I’ll make sure to upload more things about the project. Happy blending to you!

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Hey! I’ve been featured at the ‘Behind the Scenes’ section in BlenderNation - here you can learn more about our process of creating this scene. Thanks to the BlenderNation team, I had a lot of fun writing it.