Screen Space Global Illumination for Eevee

Hey guys just wanted to ask, is this the same as

I recently installed blender 3.01 windows (not 3.1 because some models I have cannot work there)
And i thought blender 3.0 was adding SSGI as the gumroad artist stated that and stopped updating

However 3.01 only has Screen space reflections, not SS raytracing, or SSGI
I turned it on and it doesnt actually do any indirect lighting…
as well as has way fewer criterias you can adjust like the gumroad one.

So i was wondering whats the deal with that and is there a version of the gumroad one that works for 3.01?


It’s the same thing.

The official version has been delayed few times, currently it should be in 3.2 by the plans announced (Correction: it very likely won’t be in 3.2 - I wasn’t fully up to date with the latest public communication from devs), but I wouldn’t be surprised if some functionality was delayed a bit. The development branch isn’t fully visible to public and I’m not involved in any capacity, so it’s speculation on my end.

I’ve been slowly updating it in the meantime with recent blender versions, but I currently don’t have enough free time to make any actual progress on features, besides doing some updated builds. I’ve been wrong a few times when predicting when I get more free time - I’d rather not accidentally lie again.

Gumroad has very restrictive size limits so I’m not updating files directly Gumroad at the moment, but there’s a link to a Drive folder on Gumroad (also posted here in the first post - open to ideas to make it more visible) that has the latest builds.

For Windows 3.01 this is the latest build on Drive:



Honestly, if all you ever do is keep it up to date with the current Blender releases, I’m more than grateful for that.


I am looking seriously at Blender 3.1 for Mac, but lack of SSGI…

EDIT: Looks like I didn’t read enough scrollback.

  • You’ve already supplied Mac builds, for M1 etc, but then there are some weird errors trying to open Blender unless you xattr something crazy.
  • Found the M1 patches. I’ll patch a 3.1 release branch and see if I can make an M1 build.
  • M1 patched and built perfectly for release branch 3.1.2. Next up I’ll try making a build for Intel Mac from master branch.
  • This bit failed. libzstd.dylib has some weird 10.13 vs 10.15 error, I guess it’s time to upgrade the Intel Mac to Monterey anyway. That’ll take me a few days. (It did take days, but it looks like it wasn’t a Monterey vs Catalina problem, rather that I needed to do a brew install zlib)
  • “Honestly, if all you ever do is keep it up to date with the current Blender releases, I’m more than grateful for that.” Agreed! Thanks for your hard work on keeping us in SSGI bliss while the Blender mainline tries to catch up.
  • Mac Intel Blender 3.1.2 with ssgi-115b-PREVIEW_M1.patch applied (the M1 patch didn’t look M1-specific to me, so I applied it, and it compiled/runs just fine):
  • Mac M1 Blender 3.1.2 with ssgi-115b-PREVIEW_M1.patch applied:

If you want to include these builds in your Google Drive, that is fine by me.


Thank you for sharing them! I added them to Drive with credits.

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Just found out about this. Awesome work man. You are breathtaking :+1:
More power to you.


I wish this was added in the vanilla/main branch of blender. I miss the addon variant, i understand that the native version works better, but i still liked it better as an addon, but that’s me. I’m still grateful this addon exists.

I would like to know when the 3.1 version of Linux will be updated, I think your work is really too great !!!!!

Apologies for the very late answer - I’m trying to do it before 17th of this month, but no promises. I have unresolved issues with my current build set up on Linux and not enough time to troubleshoot it or set it up from scratch.

After that I will be more available past 28th May.


It’s ok, don’t stress out, I’ve been using it for over a year now, and I think your work could really be called great, especially with the recent update to ray Tracing, which has solved most of my work problems.


hum… what??? Am I missing a whole lot of developing stuff? Is raytracing landed into Eevee??

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