Sculpt Alphas Manager

This addon provides a simple solution to be able to quickly switch alpha textures for the sculpt brushes.
Once the addon is enabled, you have to be in Sculpt Mode, then go to Properties Editor > Active Tool tab > Texture Panel.

Note that the addon does NOT come with a library of alpha textures, you have to supply your own.
To setup your folders, follow the instructions you’ll find in the addon’s preferences.


Download it from here:

And last thing, if you find this addon useful, I’d be happy if you could upvote my proposal at Right Click Select, so Blender devs implement a similar (and more elegant) solution as part of official Blender’s workflow. Thanks!


Another thing about alphas is the lack of a quick’n’friendly method to bake them from sculpted planes; the normal method is showed in this tutorial , not that hard yet some code could cut-out this procedure and become foolproof for any new user that approach Blender for sculpting.


I’m afraid that’s too advanced for my coding skills…

But for everything related to baking I highly recommand the addon Simple Bake:

looks good thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your sharing!
It’s good, because it can keep a texture folder path.

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Great job mister! You got my vote for sure! :sunglasses: :+1:
(Is the extraclick on “Assign Alpha to Brush” necessary?)

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Woow! Thanks! Something so useful should be in Blender by default!

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Great addition. Thanks!

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Thanks guys, glad you like it!

I tried getting rid of that button, but I can’t make it function, it’s crashing Blender.
Ideally, I’d get rid of both the Assign button, and one of the 2 Preview panels, but it’s impossible to do that for the moment. That’s why I think the Blender devs should integrate that in a better way.


Really nice functionality here and totally something that should be standard in Blender!

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really nice work - here’s my take on it


i have installed the addon but cant find in the addon list to enable. im using 2.81a version

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same for me :frowning:

Wow! Really nice video, thanks a lot for promoting it!

I’ve just downloaded 2.81a to check this out, and it appears correctly on my end.

When you start typing “Sculpt” in the addons search bar it doesn’t appear?
Also try filtering by category (it’s under “Sculpting”).

Otherwise you could try to manually put the .py file in the addons folders:
Go to Appdata (run Windows command (Windows key + R) and type “appdata”). In the folder that opens, navigate to: Roaming > Blender Foundation > Blender >2.81 > scripts > addons, put the .py file there and check if it works again.

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Yes now it in the addon list and activated. Thanks. Where can i get the alpha map texture. Hope it was inbuilt with the addon. Can you plz share the texture you have used in the video.

search gumroad for alphas or google is your friend

Looks like a great add-on.
I’m trying to use it but it doesn’t seem to be working.
I’m on a Mac and using 2.81a.
I have set the path for the brushes but the folders don’t appear and only shows “Categories” with nothing on it.
I’m attaching a few screenshots showing it.

Edit: If I drop a png alpha in the main folder (/Users/seba/Blender/Resources/Brushes) it recognizes it so it would seem the problem is with sub-folders.

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 14.06.04

This is my setting, it work.

Yes, that would work because the problem is the OS. I’m running on Mac whereas you’re using Windows.

I was able to make it work on Mac and I submitted an issue with the details of the problems and the code I added to fix it:

Now I was able to test it, it’s a marvelous tool!

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