SculpTkt - a toolkit for sculptors

ooh, thats normal, I cant place infinite metaballs to get an exact shape, so I approximate it using fewer but it results in this sort of artifact at sharp corners, but you can increase the quality so it uses more metaballs.

also for the line connecting start and end point, it doesnt affect the result, you can treat as if it was there I was just trying out a suggestion from @Fatesailor


Hey Jeacom, the latest version works very nice! The lasso does the work perfectly! Great work! Thanks! :smiley:

I do think that two other things remain to be added for having the basics of the tool: the first is making the readiness of the tool constant. That’s to say not having to click all over again to the ‘blob sketch’ button for drawing a new shape. We click it one time and then we have it ready to sketch as many shapes we want. So that when we click ‘enter’ and one shape is finished, we can begin drawing another shape without having to click again the ‘blob sketch’ button. And when we want to come out of the tool we can do it just by clicking the ‘escape’ button on the keyboard.

And second, it would be good if the gizmo will appear in the midst of each newly produced shape automatically. This could make the whole process of putting every newly created mesh in the desired place very easy.

I think that the adding of those two functions will complete the base features that are needed for the tool.


Good points!


I did some changes to how the tool interacts with the user, hopefully this time I got it right.

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Yes, now it is much better, there is no need to reactivate every time the tool. Now there has appeared a thin thread, however, between the two tips of the red sketch line… it is confusing, it is better not to have it at all.

Keep in mind, please, the gizmo issue: it is important to have it in the center of the newly created shapes. It would make the flow of modeling much more easy.

And it would be good to have a ‘symmetrize’ button under the boolean buttons too. But this is secondary of course.

Hey Jeacom your back! It appears I am late to the party. How do I obtain the latest version of the blob sketch?

Hey @EdDiesel I’m sorta back, keeping up is being kinda hard, it seems like small and big problems keep piling up.

here is the link, I havent updated it in a while but it should work fine.


I know i’ve not been very active but I didn’t stop working on sculptkt.


Very nice! :+1::+1: When will this SculptToolkit update be released?

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As soon as I add support for brush scaling and get rid of a nasty crash.


Very nice new ideas!

You must not abandon the add-on Jeacom, there can be so many features that can be added to it. Sculpt Tkt can be a very important contribution to the the sculpting side of Blender, apart from the work Pablo Dobarro does on it. Pablos’s contribution is essential, no doubt, but the field is vast and there can be many other facets of the sculpt space that can be worked on. And after all, having many developers working on the various facets of the same tool space of Blender is not a bad thing at all. :smiley:


This tool looks amazing! Thank you very much for your work on this addon :nerd_face:


I found the cause of the crash, unfortunately its not caused by the addon and rather seems to be a bug in the new undo system.

Now thats a bit disappointing because I can’t easily fix it, so basically if you do anything that could cause a new undo step while using this tool, blender will crash.

I suppose I could block all operations, but then we wouldn’t be able to navigate while using the tool.


That sucks.

Did you try activating the experimental features in the Blender preferences and turning on the legacy Undo?

Yes, and then it works fine.
But I dont expect everyone to do this.

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It’d be great if you could submit a bug report to the Blender devs about this.

I already submitted, waiting to see what happens.


Thanks. It seems to be the same issue as this previously submitted bug report: