SculpTkt - a toolkit for sculptors

(Jeacom) #1


I am currently updating this addon for blender 2.8 for details scroll down.

I choose that name because I am quite bad at choosing names.

Anyway, its avalliable on Gumroad.

Also got approved on Blender Market:

It just compiles a set of tools to make the sculptor’s life more easy.
In those tools, here is the star:

But there are a bunch of other functionalities also.

A better Remeshing.
Basic booleans.
Armature Basemesh generation.
Sculptmode mask extraction.
A panel to customize the solid lights, save and reload them also.

It’s done but am going to implement more in the future.

============= EDIT: =========================

And it got approved on Blender Market:

Hey, update coming soon:
There will be a lot of improvements and…
Just to make posing more easy.

That thing:

I didn’t quite decided it’s name yet.

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Sculpt Tools
Can't remember tool name - something like ZBrush clip
(ambi) #2

Looks cool. Especially the Zbrush style initial sketching looks nice. I’m curious how does the better remeshing work? Current Blender remeshing modifier doesn’t work on internal geometry or broken meshes? Does this one do better and how?

(Jeacom) #3

It’s somewhat hard to explain how it works but it basically wraps though the blender’s remesh and then edit the mesh to optimize the topology and adds support to multires with detail preservation.

Well, maybe a video shows it better.

(Jeacom) #4

And it got approved on Blender Market:

Hey, update coming soon:
There will be a lot of improvements and…
Just to make posing more easy.

That thing:

I didn’t quite decided it’s name yet.

(Peetie) #5

This addon looks very similar to SpeedSculpt which I already have.
Not sure if it makes sence for me to buy this addon for those few differences.
Interesting additional ideas though.

(Jeacom) #6

Yes, I was afraid my addon looked too similar to other addons, It was not intended though.
But thats the price to pay from taking inspiration from Zbrush.

Anyway, I started making this addon before knowing that speedSculpt ever existed so, I believe it’s is verry original.
I will put new features every so often as neded so I believe I is different from existing addons.

I am currently working on a way to manimulate meshes using mask paint and a cool super versatile deform manipulator to quickly pose a model

(Metin Seven) #7

Hi @Jeacom,

Sculpt Toolkit looks interesting. Will it be updated for Blender 2.8 soon?


(Jeacom) #8

It is being updated but its taking longer than I though because I have to redesign the tools and interface to fit with 2.8 workflow scheme and because I am also working on Tesselator.

I am posting devblogs because there’s not much interesting stuff to see.

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(Metin Seven) #9

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to 2.8 availability of Sculpt Toolkit. Will the 2.8 update include the latest Tesselator version for retopo?

(Jeacom) #10

I thought that. I don’t know though, I would like to fuse both products on blender market so who bought tesselator gain acess to sckt and vice versa. Not sure if its possible.

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(Metin Seven) #11

Sounds good, as I already own Tesselator. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Metin Seven) #12

Any news on the release of Sculpt Toolkit for Blender 2.8 yet, @Jeacom? I’m quite eager to have a go at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jeacom) #13

Since I am near releasing the Tesselator update soon, I will start rushing at the development of Sculpt Toolkit, shouldn’t take more than 1.5 weeks to finish, since its really just a set of macros with a custom interface, I guess I know how to design an efficient interface for 2.8 now. I just didn’t start yet because I am obsessed with Tesselator.

(Metin Seven) #14

Hahaha. :grin:

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the 2.8 update of Sculpt Toolkit and to the latest Tesselator.

(Fatesailor) #15

Just a question: can someone begin to work with those zsphere like joints from zero? I mean can he upload a single sphere-joint and then proceed to build a shape (as it happens in Zbrush)?

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(Metin Seven) #16

Good question. That’d be nice.

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(Jeacom) #17

Yes, just go to add>Armature>Envelope Bone

(Fatesailor) #18

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jeacom) #19

Okay, time to start working on SculpTkt. I still have to document Tesselator but I guess it can wait.
This little sculpting addon is already stagnated enough.

I saw that blender 2.8 have fixed the selection of envelope armature problem fingers crossed.

Anyway I’m gonna leave here a list of features I have to re-implement, They will be updated/reposted as time progresses.

  • [ Done ] Remesh (Remesh modifier macro)
  • [ Done ] Decimate
  • [ Done ] Basic booleans
  • [ Done ] Slash Cutter
  • [ Done ] Sculpt pie menu
  • [Done - ] Envelope builder
  • [ Done ] Extract mask
  • [ Done ] Mask deform
  • [ testing] Mask Split
  • [ - ] Mask Decimate

Potential new features

(Jeacom) #20
  • [ Done ] Remesh (Remesh modifier macro)
  • [ Done ] Slash Cutter
  • [ Testing ] Extract mask

Okay, update on the updating process, A few tools are already done, by far the coolest is the slash cutter.
before it was three sepparate tools for Line, Poly and Free-hand cuts now its just a single smart modal operator that does all that.