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Thanks for adding this option!
I guess it wasn’t possible to directly change the tab location as soon as the user presses Enter (after typing the name of another tab)?
In other addons, it works this way (you don’t have to disable then enable the addon).

I don’t know, all the code is aparently there but looks like there’s something missing.

Wow great, edit mode looks quite different. What did you change in object mode?
For now I think I would like to include those new selctions, could you do a pull request to github?

Ohh, I thought you did actually code it my bad :sweat_smile:

Oh, then yes post it here, but the image panel has nothing to do with selections and neither do those other buttons in the T panel?

But PLEASE, edit this comment, don’t flood the thread by posting multiple times continuously.

Hi @bloox64. I hope you are well.

Blender version: 2.91
Add-on version: 0.1.0
(No other add-on enabled)

I noticed many errors like the one below, in the console, when I use the rectangle Select-Box tool in the viewport (even if I select nothing), in Edit mode.

rna_uiItemO: operator missing srna ‘mesh.ext_deselect_boundary’

Maybe something has changed in the Blender API ?

That’s the thing. That operator name looks like the one from my old add-on, which you can get here:

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I tried using both the menu and my addon and seems like the operator is the same, I’m using this version which is 1.1.0 but didn’t upload to github and I have no problem, I forgot what I changed since them, but try and tell me (9.4 KB)

Thank you for this 0.1.1 version but when I test it with Blender 2.91 here is the error message that I notice in the Console:

rna_uiItemO: operator missing srna ‘mesh.ext_deselect_boundary’

Note that for the error to appear (and flood the Console), you must select an edge in Edit mode and the “Select Panel tab” (in the N panel) has to be active:

The error doesn’t appear anymore if you click on another tab of the N panel (for example, Item, Tool or View).

Jeebus, @xan2622, look two posts up :slight_smile:

You’re getting the error because the operator the panel wants to show isn’t there, because it’s an operator from another add-on. If you install that add-on the error should go away and you should get another button in the select panel.

EDIT: someone please tell him in case he has me on ignore or something :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorry, I didn’t reply cause I didn’t understand you, I thought you said something like, “yeah, I used that native blender operator on my addon too, I don’t anymore cause they don’t have it” but what you meant is that I’m referencing an operator that is only there thanks to your addon.

I thought I had to find the fix in your code too, well, I guess I should point out that people should install your addon then :man_facepalming:

Idk how to throw a warming yet, for now I’ll just add that…
@xan2622 I guess the other option is removing the line that gives you an error…

I hope that to use Select Panel, the user won’t have to install another add-on (one the user doesn’t necessary want to activate).

I hope that you will find a way to get rid of this error. In the meantime, yes, I will remove this line in the .py file.

I guess the other option is removing the line that gives you an error…

Won’t that break the Select Panel add-on somehow?

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Well, instead of a warning you could do this:

if hasattr(bpy.ops.mesh, "ext_deselect_boundary"):

That way it won’t error, just silently won’t add the button.

Or… The code is GPL, you can just copy the relevant class and functions to your add-on :slight_smile: Though if you do, please use different name for the class and the bl_idname for the operator so as to reduce conflicts.

It won’t. Or you can use the fix above, i.e. adding a check before that line.


Hi, I submited a fix to github, I decided to follow the two line solution proposed by @Stan_Pancakes since I realized the code is already included in the edit mesh tools addon as well, which comes with blender and I don’t seem to have any problem deactivating it.


I have removed the version 0.1.1 of the addon and installed 0.1.2 (downloaded from Github) on Blender 2.91 but now, here is the error that I see in the console:

rna_uiItemO: operator missing srna ‘mesh.ext_deselect_boundary’

Just use it on 2.92 today’s built; it work well. Also test it on 2.91, it work as well.

The add-on works well even with this error here too.

Nonetheless, do you see the error in the console ?
:point_right: The error doesn’t appear in Blender itself, only in the console.

I did not see any; but I haven’t test all the option yet.

New version is out!
Just a small bugfix:

  • Now you don’t need to toggle the addon to update the tab name

I don’t promise anything but I might add some improvement, hopefully will take less that this update

Okay, there’s a new release!

  • A type button from object mode was added (this blender option was overlooked and wasn’t added until now)
  • A few shorcuts added, they don’t interfere with blender’s keymap, no edit posibility for now, you can learn about them in the preferences
  • Integration with adjacent selection, edit mesh tools (deselect boundary), and my own addon (not relased yet)
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