Semi Procedural Image based Cloud Shader

(ManuelGrad) #1

Hi guys,

i am thinking about releasing this shader.
I would still need to polish it a little bit but before i do that i wanted to check out if this
is something people would be interested in?
Let me know what you think!

@mod team: is this the correct category to post this in?

(Nitram_2000) #2

Hell to the yes!

This is sweet.

Can it be animated? I shoot a lot of timelapses and I’m trying to do some recreations (or rather draw inspiration from my own work) in Blender and animating clouds like this would be a gift.

(Frank) #3

Whoa!!! Awesome! Yes please. :slight_smile:

(wolfie138) #4

that looks awesome. could you use images instead of noise textures to get, say, writing or shapes in a cloud form?

(3pointEdit) #5

That looks great! Is there any way to shape the source texture, if you want it to go around stuff instead of through it (like mountains)

(Grimm) #6

Oh yeah, that looks awesome! Will it let you create VDBs with it?

(Praket Thakur) #7

I just came across this post. Its 2019 now, and i still haven’t found such an amazing looking Cloud shader anywhere. Please do release it. :star_struck:

(Tomasz Zarucki) #8

I would love to play with it