Semi Procedural Image based Cloud Shader

Hi guys,

i am thinking about releasing this shader.
I would still need to polish it a little bit but before i do that i wanted to check out if this
is something people would be interested in?
Let me know what you think!

@mod team: is this the correct category to post this in?


Hell to the yes!

This is sweet.

Can it be animated? I shoot a lot of timelapses and I’m trying to do some recreations (or rather draw inspiration from my own work) in Blender and animating clouds like this would be a gift.

Whoa!!! Awesome! Yes please. :slight_smile:

that looks awesome. could you use images instead of noise textures to get, say, writing or shapes in a cloud form?

That looks great! Is there any way to shape the source texture, if you want it to go around stuff instead of through it (like mountains)

Oh yeah, that looks awesome! Will it let you create VDBs with it?

I just came across this post. Its 2019 now, and i still haven’t found such an amazing looking Cloud shader anywhere. Please do release it. :star_struck:

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I would love to play with it

Wow, is there any chance we could get/buy this?

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I need dis

Wow, this guy popped up, lifted everyone’s hopes, and dipped lmao

Jesus … sorry people, i completely forgot about this.
When i posted this i was in the middle of switching jobs and moving to a different continent.
Sorry for that, i will clean it up a little and post a link here hopefully this weekend.


MArvelous! I am all interested!

Hey guys,

unfortunately i don’t have the time to polish this so i share it “as-is”:

Hope there is at least someone that can use it for something :slight_smile:
Sorry for the enormous delay in posting it.


If you host it on Github or somewhere similar, people can send their adjustments to the source, (and if you accept it) there’s always a single location for it rather than 10 different versions floating around.

So that just happened as this just popped up in my Twitter feed which led me to find this thread:

EDIT: haha, apparently Manuel Grad also posted it for some daily challenge thing. :smile:

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