Set rotation of object to one of its faces - kind of unapply rotation

So I have a steering wheel for a car, but it has although it’s slightly angled upwards, its rotation is 0,0,0. Can I somehow select a ring of vertices and tell blender to set the object’s z axis perpendicular to that face?

Search for ‘Custom transform orientation’ or check this one:

Rotafix makes it well …

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This looks like it should do the trick - worked on a simple cube, but didn’t work on my steering wheel, did some weird scaling and/or translation… I’ll give it another try and if I still can’t get it to work I’ll post the blend :slight_smile:

Hmm, not having much luck with this - I’ve attached a blend file, if you select the steering wheel and tab into edit mode you should see a ring of verts selected, I was to use this as the Steering’ wheel’s axis, so when I rotate around local ‘z’ the steering wheel turns as expected.

Here’s the blend:

Thanks in advance