Shelves is a addon that allows you to create custom button collections that will show in the header of blender as a shelf.
This allows you to create buttons for actions that you often use and would like to have available at a click of a button.
The addon also allows to have multiple sets, so called Shelves where you can store different buttons for different tasks and comes with some default shelfs to provide some examples and some basic functionality.
The Shelves are saved as presets and can therefore be shared as files, so if you create some custom Shelves that you feel would be great to be included as default please share them here so we can all enjoy your creration:D

direct download:

project page:


Nice concept, thanks for developing and sharing!

If you could add a floating pop-up menu you can activate using a keyboard key, then that would be even greater.


Just a side question, you do know that plural form of shelf is shelves? :stuck_out_tongue:


yargs i did not know that:O thanks for letting me know


@Metin_Seven i cant follow you, where would you have a pop up menu? and what would it be used for?

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damn i needed this for long time…does this work with tools options from other addons? because they would need a logo and the options don’t have it, for example the subdivide option (this is in blender tool by default, no an addon one)… for example looptools addon

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A pop-up menu with the shelves under your pointer position would an easier alternative to repeatedly having to move your pointer to small buttons at the top of the screen.


fixed the name :smiley:

@Metin_Seven nice idea i will put that on my list for potential improvements.

@MichaelBenDavid as long as the addons use operators its possible to add buttons for them


very nice work

Nice addon! Coming from Maya, I am so used to shelves and glad to see an option for Blender! :slight_smile: One feature request, can you make it possible to right click on an item and add it to the shelve? Also there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to select from a list of icons.


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Is there a way it can be store in the add on or in the preference? it is hard to work on an existing file. Or is there a way to import those setting to another blender file?

the shelves should be saved as presets to you blender folder so it should be available in all blend files. if you create a new button in a shelve you need to add one with the same name to override and save it for now

C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.90\scripts\presets\shelves

@Jaidek not sure i can do the direct assignment from the buttons but i will definitely look into full copy paste without the need to partially delete some parts.
Agree the icons would be nice to have directly available but i dont think a dropdown will work nicely since its gona be 1km long:D

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No worries! I am not sure if you have ever used Pie Menu Editor, but they have a feature that when you right click on a Blender button, on the bottom you will see Pie Menu Editor and you can add the function to a current pie/menu. Also, they handle the icons as a gallery of sorts. Just some ideas. :slight_smile:


@Jaidek i did not use the Pie Menu editor, thanks for pointing that out, i will have a look how they did it and see if it can be done for this addon as well.


@kromar Great. thank you for making this addon. can we add or change shelves to multiple locations.


Great addon!
The only thing I would criticize is the UI location. The top bar has no space left because of the workspaces by default unless you work on a big desktop screen.
Maybe giving an option to display it on the 3D viewport would be great!

EDIT: Oh, I just saw @Babajan said the same before ^^

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This is great! There had been very short discussion in Blender Devtalk forum about having tool shelf in Blender long time ago, but for some reason not having much interest. I think this is very much needed.

I don’t mind of the current location of the shelf, works for me well. I have removed half of standard Blender workspace tabs, as there are too many and defaults don’t work for other than standard 1 monitor setup anyway. Shelf addon buttons slide on top of workspace tabs if having smaller window or lots of buttons added. I could have 20 buttons per category easily without interfering with current UI which is more than enough.

Only thing I don’t exactly get is how this addon saves customized shelves. If I delete and add commands like instructed and overwrite existing shelf with same name, the shelf works in current session, but if I restart Blender then it sets back to default shelves.

And like mentioned here earlier, adding new commands should be made easier, as now it needs many steps rather than just right click on existing command on UI and click: ADD TO SHELF, similar like to add Quick Favourites. Not too worried about this anyway, as I noticed Github having some documentation images with v. 1.4 and I have downloaded 1.1.1, so I believe this to get better. Will encourage to continue development, as this is major improvement.


Hello, thank you for this very useful addon.
One little thing seems to be going wrong.
When I add a cube, by clicking on its icon, everything is fine, but if I press F9, to change its size, for example, the icons of the Modeling menu disappear and are replaced by those of the Developer menu, while the name of the Modeling menu is always displayed.
It does not matter, but it is rather annoying in use.
Can you fix this little bug?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @kromar.

As some other members of the forum suggested, I hope that (in a future version of your add-on) there will be an option to decide where the Shelves should be located.

Hopefully, there could also be an option to add several shelves at different locations: (on the 3Dview’s header, on the Image Editor’s header, on UV Editor’s header, etc…

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