's a bunch of brand-new screws. UPDATED!

OLD image:

NEW image:

Well…what can I say? I got Inspired by a russian
at CGTALK that got plugged just for modelling a …screw…

I thought…what’s the big deal, that’s gotta be easy, right?
Well…uhm…took me longer than I though…I expected a
half hours work…ended up with 3-HOURS!!! Geeez…

Blender 2.33a - Linux etc…


add some simple texture of metal (a bit of subtle rust) and post it right away on cgtalk lol and then ask why you don’t get plugged too! lol

it’s a really nice piece! good job

Wow! Very realisitic.


lol, kinda cool. hmm… /me looks again
:o SHINY!!! :o
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hmm… try rendering it with yafray; it’d be beautiful!

Unless you post a wire frame I’ll never believe this is NOT a photograph :o

yea, very nice, shame there’s no extrude along spline to speed things up.

Gotta hurry to work…here’s a screenshot of the work in action:

Thanks for all the nice comments.

actually, the screw tool (edit buttons) can be remarkably suited for this

these screws look very nice, and I don’t think the texture needs any work other than a slight variation in color, perferably in the corners and cracks. Perhaps ambient occusion can do this satisfactorly?

why are the reflections broken like that?
modeling looks nice, but rendering quality… hmm…


There’s a screw fuction in edit ? How I do this ?

Hard to explain, check the manual.

nice screws. certainly not realistic yet. add a small bumpy texture to it, some rust, lower the reflection…then it could be pretty realistic.


Bump, Rust ? Since when does it have be bumpy and rusty to be a screw ? Go down to Ace and you will see alot of screws aren’t rusty or bumpy and even if they are bumpy doesn’t mean they can’t be stainless or brand new. I say keep the screws the way it is now, but maybe up the raytracing. Besides those look like computer case screws which are never bumpy or rusty to began with.

but perfection, even though realistic, is boring, and doesn’t have the same kind of teasing interesting detail as a more dirtyish screw…

also, artifacts! omg, more sampling, gaussian or whatever its called… this current reflection tears the image apart.

Thanks everyone for your kind response, and your constructive criticism.
Much appreciated!

About artifacts, yeah…that is in fact a Blender problem. Antialiasing
where set to 16 x oversampling…Blender just can’t do any better YET…
but from what I’ve heard…it’ll be improved a LOT in the next release.

What we miss is the 3dstudio max equivalent of the setting “super-sample-textures”…that would also Anti-alias the
reflective areas as well as the object surface/corners.

There already are bump mapping, but Blender’s renders are WAY too
sharp (the infamous AA problem) no matter what size/value the
bump mapping is. This picture certainly is a major challenge
for the Blender internal renderer.

Yafray would simply use WAY too much time rendering this scene,
it’ll either never finish (due to hanging…I’ve seen Yafray hang on my
advanced scenes such as the “animation-table-room” I made
earlier. It froze for 5 days without continuing on 7 different computers!
So much for Yafray. Yafray is generally too slow unless you
edit your XML files and REALLY know what you’re doing there…

Maybe I’ll try this scene in it one day just for fun, but I guess it
have to be a “long” night when I’m doing something else :slight_smile:



This is cool. I say the original on CGTalk yesterday. I think that you ought to either render it again with AO and angmapping, or post the .blend, so someone else can. :smiley:

I’d like to see it that way.

Give it a try in a recent testing build from the forum at - there have been improvements to the oversampling that should make a significant different for this image:

dude, that thing is really awesome! really realistic. I thought it was a photo at my first glance!

pretty good, but could use a better render like broken said.

Wow, very nice job. I think I saw what u where talking about on CGTalk. I really like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi again fellows! Thanks for the kind comments and
supportive criticism! :smiley:

I’d like to render it with the latest build, but
unfortunately no-one has bothered to update
the LINUX-Build for AGES now…so I’m stuck
with 2.33a until someone comes up with something
else. (I really MUST learn to compile the darn thing some
time when I actually HAVE time)…

Right now I’m working on a COMMERCIAL project
USING BLENDER! So I might actually receive my
first pay using Blender (wow) Therefor I do not have
a lot of time to respond to everyone, but I read
everyone’s comment and you are ALL appreciated!

Again, thanks!