Shuvit Skateboarding game

I have been working on this for about 20 months. Made with upbge.

Some vids:

Requires xbox 360 controller (hard mappings for now) and a decent video card (>2gb ram recommended atm). Download available on Still a lot of work to be done but I figure it’s well past time to make it public. All comments welcome. I hope to use this thread as sort of a dev blog along with the youtube channel. Fairly big update just pushed to the site.

Youtube channel:


Whoa, that’s pretty cool. Very nice work! Skateboarding games are very rare, it seems.

For CC, I’d say the animations could use some work - just blending a bit between the animations would help a lot.

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. the replay system doesn’t record blended animations.
  2. animations are something I’ve struggled with since day one. At some point I want to rewrite the whole system from the ground up, but that day isn’t coming anytime soon. I’m getting better at fixing/preventing glitches for now.

This is cool.
But the skateboarder’s mobility is slow and sluggish, not quick, rapid and fluid. In a game that emphasizes mobility, speed is important (think of racing games). In addition, as pointed out earlier, the animations need work.
Plus, the sound effect for landing on the ground is a little too loud (it gets annoying).
I like the environment and the details within it.
And lastly, what I like most about this game is that this is not another First-Person shooter zombie-survival game like so many other projects I’ve seen.
I’d like to see more!

This Game is awesome i like it. i will download it once i get in a WIFI area.
Awesome work nice work bro !!!
And keep it up bro.


Thanks for looking!

I am assuming you are judging this by the videos and not actual gameplay? If anything I feel like the gameplay movement is too responsive and spastic at this point. But that is some interesting feedback, I’m curious about what gives you that impression.

Thank you sir. Fair warning, the zip is almost 3gb at this point.

Not a problem ive got uncapped so im safe !!!
LoL Thks

That’s correct, I am judging based on the video. Sorry about that. I didn’t download the game and I don’t have an Xbox 360 controller. Regardless, I am still impressed by the quality of the game, so please excuse me for saying that.

Oh, no problem at all. I am very worried about coming off as offended or defensive in this thread and will be trying hard to avoid it. Most issues with the game, and there are many, I am intimately familiar with and either haven’t figured out or just haven’t gotten around to doing/fixing. This project is very much for my enjoyment so the way I work tends to be very schizophrenic and unfocused. Lot’s of half done stuff.

BUT… with regards to the sound, 3d sound isn’t working in the replay editor. I hadn’t really thought much about how to solve it until you posted that. Now I think I have it figured out. The object the sounds are attached to, my control cube, is suspended during replays. I bet if I move them to an unsuspended object everything will be fine.

Edit: I also noticed a bug that only showed up in standalone version I think. If you get stuck in the replay editor, just keep hitting back/select until you can skate again.

A lot of progress this weekend, first the pretty stuff. I played with planar reflections a bunch yesterday and this is what I came up with. Not really skateable but just to show off the reflections and lighting:

I also completely rewrote the grinding system. I have made 2 attempts at this and failed over the past year. I’m calling this successful. Still a lot of bugs to work out an new challenges with it. Hopefully this will help me find the motivation to work out some of the in/out animations on the grinds. I also touched up a bunch of animations and logic and other misc stuff.

billyzill very good, love the polished look, the quality is extremely impressive…

thanks hanzo. People keep saying I need to add some zombies to kill. If I ever do I might grab some of your guns.

New level. New vid. First one showing the new grind logic. Still a lot of bugs to be worked out with it, and some rotation stuff. Also shows the replay editor and switching cameras a little bit. Hope to have a new build up within a few days.

Still learning this youtube stuff. They destroyed the quality on this.

the game looks and sounds cool

Hi Mr. Ducky. Thanks for the kind words.
I am still in the middle of a big animation system rewrite, and it’s not progressing very fast. I needed to take a break and mess with something else, so I made a quick dynamic light switcher thing. Lights turn off when the camera is a certain distance away. Thanks to BPR for the kdtree help.

Wow this looks superpolished! I haven´t seen anything coming close in BGE in a long while.

I´m especially surprised by the replay system. Great work, however you did that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I guess you only need some crazy maps and ragdoll physics and you have “skate 3” :smiley:
Just kidding. Keep doing what you´re doing and good luck with this project!

Thank you Mr. Sky. The replay system is an extremely modified version of this: so all credit goes to Nicholas_A for the inspiration and initial ground work. Saving / loading / sharing hasn’t been implemented yet but it is very doable.

Rag dolls brings up an interesting decision that I have gone back and forth on since the beginning. If there is anyone out there with an opinion I’d like to hear it. I have very consciously decided not to use rag dolls up to this point and may never implement them. I feel like most games have over done falls. They happen way too often and the time to get back on the board gets really annoying. IRL 99% of falls/bails end up on your feet. I have a very rudimentary fall (offboard, on feet) system at the moment but I really have no idea how to realistically detect when falls should happen (other than hitting the ground when the board is flipping) and have been erring on the side of not falling. I will likely just have a few fall animations where you stagger a bit but remain on your feet. Skate and Destroy will always held a special place in my heart, but that’s not really the direction I want to go. If you want to see a really bad fall/rag doll system, play the Session demo :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I’ve never made a rag doll before and want to. Some day I will get some time and mess with it regardless of whether or not will end up in the game.

Crazy maps are a main reason I started this project and so far has been the least successful aspect. It is beyond frustrating.

Again, thanks, your vids have definitely been an inspiration for me.

I messed around with the lighting too and found out that lights seem to cost performance even when they are on an inactive layer and / or set to invisible. You can try adding a lot lights (place them far away so they get deactivated) and see if there is a difference in performance. In the case of my game I had to delete some lamps and use more simple lighting.

Thats the blender shader gen fault. So its best to move lamps to locations based on the map. Or it needs to get refactored.