Shuvit Skateboarding game

(Daedalus_MDW) #21

blender is limited to total lights in scene, which always get processed. that means add object wont work.

what you can do is have no more then 15 (my recommended limit) or so lights that get repositioned around near the player.

NEVER have light on inactive layers, its a pure waste of gpu.

(billyzill) #22

Yeah, so I have spent way too much time playing with the lighting for now. I was using 5 spots, that removed / re-positioned themselves and haven’t been able to get them to run at a consistent 30 fps. Messed with the settings on the lights a lot. I need to take a break from my break side project and get back to work on the animations.

-edit- in a game level with my other logic, I’ve gotten test scenes to run decent.

(Akira_San) #23

5 spot lamps with shadow on?

(billyzill) #24

Yep, 5 spots with shadows. I found an error in my code last night, so I got it to run at 20-30 fps, but still not good enough. Lowering the shadow quality size from 512 to 256 or (gasp) 128 helps a little but not enough to make it worth it.

(Akira_San) #25

You know, you should only use one lamp with a shadow(since the forward render does render all the objects 2 times if there is a shadow) and bake the shadow for the static objects. Or maybe you are turning off and on the shadows of the lamps.

(Daedalus_MDW) #26

shadows are another tricky thing. im pretty sure lamps shadows share a texture space, so having to many lamps will cause some lamps to project the wrong shadow.

whats your gpu specs? you might be running out of vram because your shadow texture is so big.

theres also other odd things that cause performance issues. “use framerate” being one of them.

(billyzill) #27

Yeah, limiting the shadow to only 1 of the 5 being on at a time is the next thing I wanted to try.

whats your gpu specs? you might be running out of vram because your shadow texture is so big.

Geforce 960 atm. I’ve been watching vram closely and the scene in question rarely uses over 65%.

(billyzill) #28

Most of the progress lately has been under the hood with the new animation system. I have almost all of the old animations now running through the new system. I still have a lot of bugs to work out, animations and transitions to do now that I can properly handle them and in general fix a lot of glitches. Some gameplay of the new system:

And I spent some time messing with Youle’s eevee build. I opened my old racing game to copy the scripts/logic and figured I’d record a quick couple of laps:

And some eevee testing. It’s not pretty, I had to leave as soon as I got the car working but figured some might want to see:

(billyzill) #29

Also this little vid of puddles. Puddles!

(Fred/K.S) #30

Awesome woow dude great work you’re work is amazing !!!


(Akira_San) #31

Yeah awesome. :slight_smile:

(billyzill) #32

bah humbug.

(Nicholas_A) #33

nice work :slight_smile:

(Smoliterno) #34

wow! This is cool, the only strange thing about the last video is that the snow actually follows the camera… its a bit weird.

(billyzill) #35

Thanks. Yet another chunk of your code has ended up in this project. This time in the form of your brightness / contrast 2d filter. I need to set up a system to control 2d filter settings per level, but it definitely adds some goodness.

Thanks, yeah, it’s just a 2d filter. From youle’s old post / shader toys. Decided at the last minute to add it for that holiday feel. Turns out it was also snowing irl at the time.

(rubberduck) #36

really cool, can’t wait to see more now.

(billyzill) #37


It’s been a while since I’ve made an update here so I figured I give a quick little run down of what’s been going on.

I am trying to get a new build up soon. The last build available is super old and many, many things have changed. This includes the menu system which isn’t really working at the moment. I wanted to get a new menu system in place before a new build but I may put something up in the mean time because it’s taking too long.


I am still doing a lot of work with the animation system to get things playing and transitioning properly. There is still a ton of work to be done.

I made a new ramp and want to make a small scene or 2 for it. A small garage / warehouse thing is what I always had planned, but I also might do a little island thing.


I recently added the ability to pull away from the transition while jumping. This also turns the grind attraction off and can be really fun.

I’ve completely changed how the stance detection works. It’s much much more complicated now but it gives me more control over what’s going on. Unfortunately there are still a lot of things to do to get it working correctly and transitioning correctly.

I had problems in the past with using an align speed anything other than 1 while grinding, and I worked out that problem, and made a little video showing it off.

I created a instance to keep track of git changes and you can view code/issues here:
I also created a discord channel for the game:

(billyzill) #38

(billyzill) #39

Just playing with some assets and level stuff. Trying to come up with a level design I can actually finish.

(BluePrintRandom) #40

really nice work!