Shuvit Skateboarding game

(billyzill) #41

made a little video showing off the new menus:

(Uniday Studio) #42

Wow! Very impressive progress! I want to play! :smiley:

(billyzill) #43

It’s been about 6 month since the last public build. And now 3 years since the beginning of this project, we have a new build up. Please visit the website (also new) and check the blog post for more info or head straight to the downloads to grab a copy.

Thank you all for making this possible.


(Fred/K.S) #44

Imma download it asap when i’ll be on wifi otherwise awesome progress @shuvit : )


(billyzill) #45

Got a nice review of the game here and a bunch of people playing. Check it out if you haven’t! Working on getting another new build up.

(billyzill) #46

And v0.1.2b released yesterday:

(billyzill) #47

Lot’s has been happening. I’ve been bad at providing updates on BA, but here’s some recent gameplay if anyone want to check out progress.
Vert skating is working (invisible colliders on ramps)
Ragdolls are working
and many, many other things.

(Fred/K.S) #48

Im Liking what im seeying buddy keep it up!