Downloading now, but the style and gameplay looks amazing.

Dowloaded and started it to see if it works: it works flawlessly.
Ubuntu 13.10 with the slowest AMD HD54XY you can imagine, runs like a charm - so far. Tomorrow I’ll play it.
The console tells me “GPUFrameBuffer: framebuffer incomplete error 1282 ‘Invalid operation’” but I’m running on beta drivers and the “stable” ones do not even install so I don’t really think it’s a game issue (and it has no effect on the game play).

Just let me tell you something: for your next game, find someone that can make gorgeous 3D models (or exercise more or whatever) because the game looks wonderful as it is, way better than most indie games I’ve see recently, but what amazes me is that the program flows as a technical beauty.

It has smooth transitions, a well designed menu, engine driven cinematics, it works out of the box, it is a pleasure to see it going on.
It is the best BGE application I’ve seen.

Find your way to modeling, make a cool looking FPS game that works as this one and you could find a publisher for it or sell it with no problems.

And there are also robots, so double everything I’ve said.

I’ve yet to play the game, but it seems as though you might have already had experience as an animator / offline renderer at some point. There is a feel of cleanliness and deliberate animation that helps to convey the storyline, rather than taking up dead time. I would agree that the only thing that appears to be undermining the quality that you’ve conveyed is the models, and perhaps one or two of the animations. I noticed subtle effects when being shot, and other events that added a touch of detail that really strengthens the apparent conviction of the gameplay. Well done!

Just played it, and it is awesome. Great job.

But I suck at FPS’s and haven’t made it very far, but that’s my fault. This is, I believe, the third FPS I’ve ever played (Halo and Castle Wolfenstien are the others)

I can’t get the first door open.But it looks good.

Goooooood JOb!!!:p:yes::eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift:

Nice graphics and animations ! :smiley: Instant download :wink:
Did you make this on your own?

Oook, playing…

It there any particular way to open green-lighted doors? They “blip” but won’t open and I can’t find an “activate” key to press.

>Did you make this on your own?
Do not misunderstand. I use Google translator.

>It there any particular way to open green-lighted doors? They “blip” but won’t open and I can’t find an “activate” key to press.
The whole game just need to follow the pointer on the radar. It’s simple.

amazing! seems really well polished ! congratulations!

but can’t make it run on ubuntu 13 =/ (maybe because of mine is 64-bit?)

the windows version is crashing in the loading screen (don’t know why, the main menu runs without any problem), I’m using Windows 7 64 bits, have a Radeon 5870, 4 gb ram, Intel quad-core

kind off-topic but I have a question: how do you made to switch between fullscreen and windowed after the BGE was already started ?

sorry my english, is not the better too ^^’


my bad,

I just had to run the game in administrator mode xD
all works fine now on Windows

people… to open doors and interact you will just need to press F ^^’

Radeon not recommend.

> how do you made to switch between fullscreen and windowed after the BGE was already started ?

Was looking forward to this, but it didn’t work.

My encounters:
Menu takes 11 seconds to load. Maybe loading should start before title transitions.
The “Testing” window in the options is warped, also the mouse cursor remains visible while in that mode.
Would be nice to be able to change key bindings.
Loading screen text looks lower resolution than that of menus.
Blender has stopped working when clicking on first level. Left it for 3 minutes just in case it was still loading, but I think it did actually crash.

You should really use BPPlayer to avoid the GPL so you can publish it/you own the rights, therefore can earn money.

Storing your assets outside of the .blend might also be a good idea to avoid high ram usage (so it only loads those textures and sounds when each scene starts). Also, I believe that it can then be better compressed because it uses different compression algorithms for different file types.

My system specifications (in case it helps):
AMD Radeon 5970 dual GPU <-- most likely the case
AMD FX-6100 @ 4.2GHz CPU
8GB DDR3 1600 RAM
500GB 7200rpm HDD
Dual 1080p monitors
The rest of the stuff shouldn’t matter.

From my experiences so far, I can say that the design interface is AMAZING. The sounds and graphics are sleek and everything matches the overall style of the game. There seems to be an insanely high amount of levels, which I look forward to being addicted to for the next few days. From the videos, I can see that the graphical fidelity of the game is truly beautiful, though I need to test out the gameplay for myself to give my opinion on that

MrPutuLips, if you are on Windows, try run the game in administrator mode!

thank you! I was not aware of this code =O
(actually I do have some questions about this, but I will make a properly thread about that, sorry the off-topic ^^’)

Video looks awesome. I downloaded it an gave it a try - the game loaded up and the main menu worked fine but when I start the game it keeps crashing… I did get the first level (or flythrough) to play once then it crashed on its way to the military base… Maybe its a windows 8.1 thing (or a 64 bit AMDCPU/Radeon graphics…).
From what I can see so far this really looks great, just hope I can figure out to get more of it to work!

Just a heads up for 64-bit Linux users. Since the Linux version is 32-bit, you’ll need to ensure you have the 32-bit versions of the needed libraries installed also.

So if you encounter this error:

./Silicone-2: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Make sure you have the 32-bit version of SDL installed also, e.g. lib32-sdl, lib32-glu, lib32-*. This might involve enabling the multilib repo. Try doing the same, if you encounter similar errors with other libs.

I think it’d be better to focus on 64-bit instead since most modern computers (post Windows-XP) are 64-bit. And since the BGE is PC focused and you’re targeting a gaming audience, the vast majority will be running 64-bit. Just an interesting tidbit: dual-core became more widely available around 2006-2007 with Intel’s Pentium D.

BTW, nice job!

Great work, fun game, rated 5 stars. :slight_smile:

Shoot! I run Mac… can you link a blend file(s) if possible?

game keeps crashing whenever i load first level i’ll try reinstalling

i am on windows 7 64 bit, with NVIDIA GTX 550. it crashs when i hit start.
However, the video looks nice :slight_smile: