because this

doesn’t really happen in unity.

bugs happen in any engine,

in this particular instance, you should report any bugs you find,

and be nice about it, as the coder/artist/ninja wrote this, and gave it out for free.

Awesome! Im working on 3d games myself, (modeling in blender, game coding in unity), and this looks just… WOW!

Blender has tons of problems. #UnityForLife. Unity can build for any platform from windows or mac or linux. New Unity games can actually play on my 2005 XP. Animation blend trees, Carving navmesh in real time, physics and render layers, tags, Built-in multiplayer, GUI, now physically based rendering, procedural skybox, light probes, reflection probes, sprite animation (REAL sprite animation, not just setting coordinates on an image), real shadow and AO baking. I don’t have a single third party plugin and I can do everything with stock Unity. Blender is far from matching Unity. Blender has it’s charm. But Unity is da bomb.

I encourage people to try Unity if they haven’t. I was very slow to switch. Unity 5.1 master engine

I tried unity. It didn’t work. Because I use Linux and in 2015 a major company doesn’t know how to write a multiplatform editor. Which is funny because they wrote a multiplatform audio-video renderer and input manager, that one could use to build a multiplatform editor.

Hooray for off-topic fanboyism

I can name 3 good reasons not to use Unity.

  1. No Linux SDK
  2. Frequent editor crashes (surely its not just me ?)
  3. No indie source license

I didn’t reply to pgi because I didn’t want to get too off-topic :3

You may not be able to use Unity on Linux, but you can build games for linux. Barely anyone uses linux. Why would they care to make a version of Unity for the 1.5% (If I recall correctly). Crashes, what version did you use? I’ve had Unity 5 crash once for both 5 and 5.1. Unity 4 did have some problems though.

Source Code? Why?

I used BGE for 4 years and Unity for maybe 2 years. Unity takes the cake.

The crashing thing is relative. I have all the new Blenders since 2.6 crash HARD on me.

Hi Tort,

I just bought your game on steam to support, works fine until now!
It’s a pity for the several crashes reported. Have you found anything related to the cause of the bug?
The color management and the libload were buggy, maybe try to turn them off.

One last thing, you really need to provide a key mapper to change keys for azerty keyboards. I’ve coded it for my game recently, it’s not that hard. Tell me if you want any help about it.
[edit] Your game can’t be played currently using an azerty keyboard without ninja skills…

The folks at Unity made some words about a Linux SDK coming in the future. I guess its experimental at the moment.

Just from what I see in the field I’d say that 1.5% is for overall desktop users. Even less are probably making games.
Among my local circles (mostly IT industry professionals) about half of us run Linux at home. The only people using MacOS are the grandmas (who still get viruses somehow) and the weird hipster people that use WordPress.

Maybe its different in the gamedev scene, I’m only a hobbyist in that regard. But with UE4, CryEngine, (and soon) Unity having Linux SDKs, you can bet there’s a good reason.

@Tort sorry for trolling your thread. If it helps I did buy the game on steam. Hopefully I’ll get time to test this weekend.

Amazing game… I like it.:yes:

Fixed build for Windows 64. There were crashes during the game.

Looking really nice, (last I saw must have been early in dev cycle)

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