Simple Asset Manager

Simple Asset Manager for Blender 2.8. Works with objects (blend,obj,fbx), materials , particle systems and hdrs.
Did this one due to dealys for internal asset manager for Blender.
Made for simplicity of usage.
None of the mangers I’ve tried was enough for me. Asset flinger was nice, but the idea with previews was much better. Chocofur asset manager is almost perfect, but still, it had its cons: separate spaces for categories, and (i only assume) fixed categories.

  • Dynamic, and custom categories: Except of material, and particle this addon will follow your library layout, folders and subfolders.
  • With Ctrl+scroll over the categories it is even faster.
  • Small and simple UI. Simple, and small to modify code as you like.
  • option to batch render all previews.


  • If you want to use most recent version use this link SimpleAssetManager
  • please consider supporting me and buing it from here: Support.

Install .zip file without unpacking. Choose Library folder with your blends, in the addons settings.

After install you can also mark to render missing previews. It will render material view with eevee of your models, materials, and particle systems in one specific manner. Of course you can always render your own previews as 200x200 .png with the same name as blend file. But remember it can take awhile.

Manager tab is located in Viewport tool panel (shortcut key: N).
You will see all your folders as categories, and if any folder has additional folders you will see them as subcategory. For simplicity i didn’t add any additinal ones.
For simple usage i made some hacks. So in folder named materials the addon will only import materials, and if the folder is called particles, then it will import all the particle systems. All the rest of the folders will import you models. obj, fbx, hdr files will be found automaticly wherever you place them.



Thank you by share.

Thanks Tibicen!

Here’s a short demo video:

Would it be possible to move the thumbnail generation buttons out of the Addon Preferences and into the SAM panel?


I have a folder named materials (no capitals) with some blendfiles each containing a material. Still all objects are imported when I choose to append them. Any idea what I do wrong?

yep. :smiley: my typo. It is fixed now. I messend else if statement.

Additionally I’ve added at cursor placement, linking, and working to work with cursor rotation as well, but then it won’t be so simple.
I still think linking would be good when it will import straight into new named collection.

As for @forrestwalter, I still really try to have it simple, and sometimes render previews can take some time. I think it is better to leave “render previews” button it in addon preferences, cause you’ll do it once in a while.

Nevertheless, it is 0.2 and things are fixed.

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It works great now. Very useful. I only cannot get previews to render but there are workarounds.

Wow. Great project. I like the elegant simplicity of the ui.

Will it support obj and fbx files too?
Is there a way to view license and creator of the model through python(when using ex. BlendSwap or Sketchfab models). So it’ll be easy to credit the right people?

fbx and obj will be easy to do. Will try to do it next week.
As for licensing, it is a great idea! I´ll have to do some research on licence placement and formats in different sites, and files, but possible to do.

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Greetings folks - I downloaded the addon but when I go to install it (the typical way I install all addons) it shows in the status bar at the bottom of the main view port that it has been installed. But, it doesn’t show up in the addons list in User Prefs and doesn’t show up in the “N” tab. I have fast-carver installed and it shows up properly. Am I doing something wrong? Btw, thanks for doing this - very handy to have (if I can get it to work, that is). Thanks in advance.

Have you enabled it and specify you library folder? Hard to reply, cause it works for me with default blender settings.

It doesn’t even show up in the addons list in User Prefs - so, I can’t enable it. When I install it a message shows up in the main View Port window (in the bottom bar) saying the addons has been installed - it shows up in the file folder for “addons” as well (just like the fast-carver addon I installed - which works fine). It isn’t listed in the “N” panel either (where it’s supposed to be) - like the fast-carver addon is . . . I don’t know why?

I’ve attached screencaps to show what happens (or not happens, as the case may be).

(1) Installing the addon from .zip file

(2) When installed the status bar at bottom of main window shows message "Modules Installed () from . . . "

(3) After installing the addon does not show up in Library list

(4) It is also missing from the N-panel

Argh . . . what am I missing?

Got it, don’t download the master :).
Download either zip from the link in the text.
There are 2 types of addon plain .py file, or a folder. I’m using the folder so zip when unpacked must extract folder containing image file and my script

I figured it out - with a hint from you. I had to extract the downloaded zip - extract it - extract the zip in the unzipped file - and then install in Blender. It all works now. Thanks for your time and help.

Thank you so much!!! Works like a charm, simple and gets the job done :wink:

A few questions/suggestions/ideas

  • Open could create a new blender instance (like “edit linked library” addon) instead of replacing the current one
  • Add link option (link buttton)
  • tags and search

Version 0.3:
works with .obj, .fbx, and .hdr now.
with hdr it will automaticly create new world and set it for current scene.


  • Render previews options: orto/persp, camera angles, cycles/eevee/lookDev;
  • automatic materials: search materials in blend, extract to separate files, and saves in materials folder;
  • append as a collections;
  • (!) search option!;
  • (?) add licence info


  • v0.3 adds obj, fbx, hdr handling, hides unnecesarry buttons.
  • v0.2 adds at cursor placement, minor typos, fixes importing objects with materials.

Is this the one from pitiwazou ?

Nope, didn´t saw that. But true basic functions are the same, cause when you have the core functionality adding hdr and obj file was just few more lines of code.
They seems to have much better addon, i don´t know if it is this one, but i saw one with online library, and dynamic placing the assets with the “face aware” magic. This one won’t be like that. Most of the functionality is here, maybe search text will be added, would be nice to include licences for objects in the blendfile! That would be something in blender community. Just when you add object it adds credits to the file!! Would be soo easy, and such a big step in the market.

Thank you for including .obj and .fbx. :slight_smile:

Great work!