OKAY, turns out the Freestyle SVG Export add-on is installed by default with Blender 2.8. You just need to turn it on in preferences. Here’s where you turn it on in the Add-ons pane:


Then you need to go to the Context: Output paneimage and set the output folder like this:


Next, be sure and turn the Freestyle SVG Export add-on ON. It’s located in the Context: Render pane. image


Then press F12 and render and when completed, you get this SVG file in your output folder and it looks like this (opened in Illustrator).

BE AWARE: The file overwrites other files using the fame number.

Here’s the SVG (It should open in Chrome browser):

And the vector rendering at 4K from Illustrator:

vs the SKETCH STYLE rendering:

The add-on also respects line thicknesses and line colors:
SVG file: (right-click and open image in new tab)


SVG Render (from Chrome)


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Yes, check out the above post.

It’s finally here! SKETCH STYLE, the #b3d Blender 2.8 add-on for creating SketchUp style line drawings (and better) with a single button is now available:

Blender Market:

Check out the youtube video:


Is there a way to simulate a pen pressure stroke? Blender Freestyle used to have this feature. Not sure that it was brought back yet. It could create some very clean looking lines.

Not sure, I think it can be done with transparency and backbone, but I’m really not positive. If it can be done, it can be created as a SKETCH STYLE preset. I’ll continue to look into it.

Wow! I just bought this, and going to dig right in. Really, really great stuff Chipp & Co!!.. I can’t wait to show a particular client an animation that cross-dissolves from a sketch to photo-real while the camera is panning across scene. They’re gonna poop their pants…

What’s going on, internally, when you load a Sketch Style settings blend? I’m only asking because it’s taking awhile to load on a file I’ve opened with 1,587,288 triangles and 23,016 objects.

It’s creating a new scene, and applying the default SS material to the objects. I don’t believe we’ve ever tried it with that many objects. The max number of polys I’ve personally tried is ~1M. That loaded in about 10 seconds.

You might want to make sure you are in wireframe or solid mode before hitting the Sketch button. Then be sure to turn on GPU before hitting previewing in render mode.

Also, you’ll want to use the Cycles renderer for that big a scene. I suspect the Freestyle mesh loading will take some time, but it will still overall be shorter than if you used EEVEE.

I wanted to see what it would look like on a typical structural steel model(no bolts, holes, welds or object count would be at least 10 times higher) exported from our software. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much you can do since you’re using the internal load but maybe a progress bar in Blender proper while applying the materials just for better UX than a locked up file browser after you click “Load All Settings”.

edit: It’s still running, to answer your question. :slight_smile: This would be somewhat faster if I could ever get around to finishing a U3D importer with proper instancing.

loving this addon!!

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Any idea when the MacOS version will be available?

Yes, we have a beta version being tested right now. Let me know privately if you care to test.

This seems really really nice. I love you add-on Blender wizards. But I got just one question… how would it look like for characters? I’m thinking on using it for a comic, but I don’t know if the final result will be great.

Can this add-on work on Linux?

I think there are better plugins for creating comic book and animae characters. Those plugins have the advantage they are typically rendered as shaders, and as such, with EEVEE you can see exactly what you’re getting in realtime without having to render.

The down side is that you have less control over many of the parameters like extended and wavy lines and there’s no one button switch to go back and forth between a photo real scene and a Freestyle scene.

Though not explicitly tested, I would assume so. If you have a linux install, shoot me a DM and I’ll get you a version you can test.

A new video on creating a SCI FI Monitor and rendering it in SKETCH STYLE. Of note is the way to NOT render particular lines in SKETCH STYLE. Check it out:

SKETCH STYLE now available for MAC


Had a request on Twitter:

Do you have any idea if it’s possible to make the Heavy Contour continuous?

Here is a quick explanation on how to do it:

You need to turn on Stroke Chaining and add a Bezier Curve modifier.


Don’t forget you can save this as a preset. Also the Backbone Stretcher modifier (called Extend Lines in the addon) can be your friend as well-- just make sure Stroke Chaining per object is turned on and adjust it slightly to fill in any gaps.


Great Addon! Reminds me of the intro of the star trek discovery series!

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