NEW in 2.0

SKETCH STYLE 2.0 now has thumbnails which help you to select the preset you want. There are also some speed enhancements.

It’s finally here!

SKETCH STYLE, the #b3d Blender 2.8 WINDOWS and LINUX add-on for creating SketchUp style line drawings (and better) with a single button is now available. MAC version now available.

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Check out the youtube video:


Hi all. Alexander and I have been working for a few weeks now on an addon which allows one to seamlessly go back and forth between a “SketchUp” style scene and the original material, original lighting scene. It has a number of presets you can load, plus you can make your own presets and load them.

This will be a great help for those who prefer to communicate to their clients with “sketches” vs final renderings. Or for that matter, anyone who wants to generate SketchUp style renders.

Here are a few early tests. We hope to have the addon ready in a week or two.


Beautiful as always… can’t wait to see addon.:smiley::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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A quick view of where we’re at. We’ve now got selective material overrides-- and working in EEVEE as well!


woo. i could use this ! it looks great and i love the the line styles and shadows.!!

PS : for the SFI boxes/containers, is it boolean based modeling ? (/HardOps/BoxCutter)
Because if you get such clean result of the shader with booleans, its even best !!!
Love the blueprint type render

Thanks for the nice comments. As far as the sci fi crates go, they took literally all of 2 minutes to make using KIT OPS. Check out the beginning of this video to see what I mean:

SKETCH STYLE addon will be great for creating SciFi GUIs. Especially when paired with KIT OPS UI KPACKs. Tutorial to come soon.


Oh ! Sorry Chipp… you’re the the father of KIT OPS actually ! I will try to remember now.
Your examples with SFI GUI are excellent. I think i could save a loooot of time with it. I will check about it carefully. Thank you !!!

Nice! I actually looked around for an addon like this very recently… your timing is impeccable!

[1] Will we have a lot of control over how “sketchy” renders look (how jittery lines are and how far lines extend beyond edges etc)?

[2] How much?

The addon will ship with a number of presets. One of them will be sketchy lines as shown in one of the images above.

You can adjust the freestyle paramaters (even outside the addon) and then you can export the preset to a new .blend file, which you can then import to other files.

Sounds great! But sorry Chipp, I should have asked “How much will it cost?”… Just curious. Unless it is real pricey, I will likely get it.

Not sure, but affordable. Probably inline with my other addons and tools.

Will it be possible to export the renderings into a vector-format like svg?

Unfortunately no. Not unless someone knows of a freestyle setting which allows SVG export.

yes, we have that addon in Blender.

Can you point me to it?

WOW! nice work truly

Some more examples…

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Some of the styles that ship with the addon…

Perhaps he meant this: SVG output script

While that is a great script, it doesn’t convert freestyle to vectors.
I believe this is the script which works (though I haven’t tested it).