I suppose it might be possible, but the line weight wouldn’t be consistent.

Just in case you’re interested, SKETCH STYLE 2.0 now has thumbnails which help you to select the preset you want. There are also some speed enhancements. Check it out now at

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I’m not clear on the policy if we already bought the first version of Sketch Style, and want this upgrade. Please clear up, thank you.

It’s a free update. Just go to where you purchased it and download the 2.0 version!

Hi Chip,
Thank you. I installed Sketch Style 2.0. Renders well; however there is no ‘Load’ button under ‘Sketch Style Utilities’. (Blender 2.82a, Mojave 10.14.6).

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You mean this one?

Try quitting and restarting Blender. If that doesn’t work try:

Really nice update…

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Hi Chip,
Closed, restarted Blender 2.82a (on Mac), ‘Load’ button appears; all working beautifully, renders much faster! Thank you very much!

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Hi Chipp,
Is there a way for sketch style to work with the measureit arch addon in the compositor? Right now I can have freestyle and measureit arch in the compositor for flloorplan dimensions, but it would be great to have the great renders of sketchstyle to give it an extra touch

Hi Ector3,
Sorry but as far as I know, the measureit addon doesn’t work with Freestyle-- so it can’t work on SKETCH STYLE.

Edited: I didn’t know measure-it actually DOES work with Freestyle. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry kipp I don’t know what I was thinking. The sketch style render is the render result in the compositor. I have used the freestyle output along with the measureit arch output for some nice layout. So now I can easily use sketch style along with measureit arch output as well. It works just fine already. Thanks

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Hi guys
Cant get the sketchsyle utilites to load settings. Ive adjusted line extends lineweigts etc and although when saving settings in utilities it says sucessfully saved , i can never seem to be ableto load the saved lineweights and line extends settings again?
Can anyone confirm that they area ble to do this?

Works fine for me on 2.83.
Please check you have the latest version of SS:

Hey @chippwalters just want to give you a heads up that Sketch Style doesn’t load the sketch styles properly if you have the addon in an alternate scripts path. This is in Blender 2.83.4 with Sketch Style 2.0.2.

edit: This fixes it for Windows, though I haven’t tested it on Linux/Mac:
edit2: None is default, not //, simplified
edit3: Even simpler

sketch_style/ line 35:

def getBasePath():
    p = os.path.dirname(__file__)
    p += os.sep
    return p

Thanks for the heads up. This fix will be in the next version. Much appreciated!

Hey Chip, I haven’t been keeping up with the latest developments and still have yet to dive deep into SketchStyle… Can SS render nice clean technical drawings like those found in patents?

Please advise. Thanks pal!

Yes, it uses the freestyle component of blender, which is most configurable.