'Sketchup Importer' to Blender 2 79 Not Working

Continuing the discussion from SketchUp Importer v0.23 released:

My ‘Blender 2.79 Portable’
can’t seem to install
the ‘Sketchup Importer’ Add-On.

I tried
the latest version, as well as
Sketchup_Importer_0.22.4, &
SketchUp_Importer_v0.21.1_Windows_x64, but
they all produce
the same Error message as above.

[This old Computer cannot run Blender 2.8+.]

Is it because it is the Portable version ?
Is there anything I can do to fix the problem ?

have you fixed it yet i have the same problem?

The Sketchup importer and Blender 2.8+ use a different/newer version of Python than 2.79. It would seem that in this case, the code for the Sketchup importer is not compatible. You should be able to get around this issue by downloading from the Skefchfab website and then importing manually into Blender :slight_smile: