Slow Disco Inferno Low Grow in Stereo /// shiny growth loop animation

By tomorrow today will be yesterday, but all in all the concept of days is an old and antiquated idea as it is day and sun is shining somewhere all the time on the planet called earth by its inhabitants. Time is running and running and running out but never ending after a set interval. So in conclusion is is safe to say the best time is always right now, except maybe for homework. But all good ideas that need some work to get done are best started as soon as possible.

animation and music by Toxic Tuba
made with blender 2.93
so it was started a year ago and it is finally finished now. I could have used the shortest path node in geonodes, but this is just a lot of curves, I need to learn how to use that shortest path geo node first :slight_smile:

find my previous animation here:

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