Small Apartment

Hi all!

First ‘big’ project made with 2.8, personal project just for fun, hope you like it!


Small Apartment:

As always, cycles with filmic and some post with affinity. C&C are very welcome!


I love this!

Thanks for the comment!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks Bart!

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amazing!! please can you share your lights settings? thank you!!!

Thanks @Culdos! The lighting is pretty simple, Hdri for enviorment and spot lights for artificial lighting except one area light in the kitchen, and two emission ‘meshes’ in the bedroom, one for the ceiling lamp and other for the desk lamp, hope that helps!

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great ! and can you share composite setting? thank you

If you are referring to postproduction, I’ve made it with affinity, and nothing special on it, some minor adjustments like contrast, white balance, saturation and something else… Here’s a comparison with and without it:

No post straight from blender:

With post:


great :slight_smile: and last rendering settings are default? ( lith paths etc…)? thank you

Great job , some of the best interior shots made in blender that ive seen i think

Yup, cycles default settings.

Thanks for the comment Binke! But there are a lot of really good images out there…

Yes, but there always something off with them lighting wise to me :slight_smile: This feels closer to what id see from Corona users where most of the best archviz shots come from.


How much is it per month? Can I schedule a room tour?
Wait, just take my money and reserved for me~

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Really nice work. Did you model all of the assets in the scene? If so, this must have taken a While!

Thanks for the comment! Nope, I’ve modeled some assets, but mostly are premade assets.

Here are some viewport renders of the project without the premade assets:

And here some renders of which I’ve modeled (structural parts apart):


Oh cool. Thanks for sharing the extra details of the project!


NIce project and stunning images. PS i read yiour article on BlenderNation.

What did you meant by “An Abledo of 0.18”? Albedo is like the diffuse color, right? How can a single value stand for a color then?

Thanks @rombout for the comment!

What I mean is this


Hope that helps!

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Here’s the link of the Behind the Scenes article at Blendernation: