soft shadows (alpha shadows update!)

Update 3 - New Download Link
I’ve uploaded the file again due to requests.
Same old (blender2.48) build though. I would not recommend it’s use anymore. :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on adding alpha mapped material support for shadows.

win32 build, test blend, patch:


you have no idea of how much I love shadows
I’m such a shadow freak

this is amazing!

it works great in the viewport, however in each of the tests I’ve made it crashes for me if I press P

I’m using Nvidia 8800GT and Vista64

looks aaammaazing


first steep parallax and now this wow…

one test:


You sir, just hit the nail on the godamn right mother facking place!
testing this right now.

Absolutely Incredible!
Wow and it doesnt even cost me a single fps! this… this is so fast its unreal…
edit: I… think I fell in love with this build… I hope the devs a looking forward on implementing this ASAP!

kay eva, does the ge crash even in a scene without any shadows/lights? If the shadows are working in the viewport then the shadow modification aren’t the cause, this may be a ge+vista64 bug?

This is awesome. Soft shadows with no change in frame rate, sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately I’m on a mac computer, and can’t figure out how to build blender with the BGE intact, so I can’t test it. Hope this makes it into the next RC, I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

not sure I’ll have to do some testing. I can get it to work now on simple scenes, it seems to only crash on relatively complex ones I’ll see what I can figure out with some playing around with it

mmm maybe this build was made before the modifier bug was fixed? try to remove the modifier (or apply them) and see if it doesnt crash.
edit: yep just tested it and this build has the crashing modifiers bug.

bingo =D

I’m 92% sure you’re right :smiley:

I tested it with my ATI card on windows vista ultimate, and It breaks as soon as I have more than 1 sample. I can set blur to any value I want, and it works, but if I do more than 1 sample the shadows don’t work. The edges of the light appear, and the faces effected by the light look like TV static unless the entire face is covered in shadow, and no blur is applied. I would take a screenshot, but I’m using a mac keyboard and there is no print screen button.

Edit: Figured out how to take a screenshot with a mac keyboard. Here’s a comparison of 1 sample vs multiple samples. Sorry for the low quality, the only image editing program on my windows partition is paint.

It looks the same in the BGE.


Could you please post a patch? I’d really like to look at this and play with it. :slight_smile:

Gee the BGE has come a long way since I was using it back in 2006. I reckon this would look great if you made the lighting really dynamic; make the shadows darker and add some bloom lighting or something. I can’t actually test it because my computer dies at the sight of decent rendering effects :confused:

Well I just want this and steep parallax inside of blender trunk right now :yes:

Then Jorgie can make it nice and faster with his trademark optimized building!

this is a MUST HAVE in 2.49, please include it. !!!

This is awesome!

A badly needed feature, the standard shadows are so blocky and ugly, unless you crank up the resolution and kill your fps. This is something I’ve been waiting to see! And no loss in frame rate? Thats very good to hear. I’ll have to download and check it out, do some tests etc.

Great work, I hope this gets put into 2.49, a much needed feature! :smiley:

I’m getting similar results. This is however an amazing addition, hopefully it can be sorted out.

wow amazing… soft shadows… thank you :smiley:
can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

would be nice if we have control over shadow color too… faking GI is easier with that feature

Works flawlessly on Vista X64.
Amazing work, thank You!

/cry XD Blender BGE is making great advancements on it’s path to world domination XD mwuoahahahaha XD