[Solved] Help me, The cycles render only shows gray

cycles render works fine on the viewport, but when output as an image or video, the object is only displayed in gray. This can be seen in the reference image, but I don’t think this is due to the “disable on render” setting on the outliner, which is one of the most common causes, or the fact that the object is not in the camera’s clip area. The version of the reference image is 2.83, but I’ve seen the same problem in 2.90 and 2.91.

Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?

The cycles render only shows gray.blend (859.1 KB)

Have you set the camera limits to something other than the default?? Extend the viewing limits

Are you referring to the camera’s clip range ? the result is the same for both default and extended. If you check the viewport at the top left of the second reference image, you can see the floor grid. That means that the object is in the camera’s viewing area, so that’s not the cause.

Check, in the Compositing Tab, if the image conection from the Render Layer Node is conected in imageconection from Composite Node.

I checked the connection

Try to render again, lets see the result!

I pressed f12 and it rendered just fine in 2.90.0.

Thank you. But this does not seem to be the cause.

Can you print the object browser? And the Render Layers tab?
Maybe one of them are not configured properly.

Thanks, it rendered successfully in image at F12. Is there any way to output this as a video or image sequence? I’m assuming the rendering of a video project.

Ctrl - F12 or
Render -> Render Animation

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Thank you, Resolved🙏