Some basic questions to Eevee

I’ve done some research about Eevee and watched a view tutorials about it.

For the following questions I could not find answers:

  1. What VR-Headset will be supported by Eevee ?
  2. Is it possible to handle big Scenes in Eevee (for example like in Unreal Engine where you can split the complete Scene into “levels” which will be loaded when needed) ?
  3. There is a pretty boring and timeconsuming process when porting a Scene from Blender (or any other 3D-Software) to Unreal Engine (baking, retopo, exporting, importing, …). Will Eevee make this process obsolete ?
  4. Do I still have to optimize Meshes for Eevee or does Eevee automatically change the level of detail or can I just use the model which I’ve done for Cycles ?
  5. How can I “play” Eevee in Fullscreen mode ?

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  1. None that I’m aware of. If there is support, it would be part of a general “VR viewport” thing for Blender. There have been some experimental projects in the past to do this, so it might happen eventually.

  2. There is no partitioning or LOD functionality beyond what you rig up manually (such as a driver to hide an object if it gets too far from the camera.) Again, this would probably be a generic part of Blender, not a specific function of Eevee

  3. If you were just exporting to Unreal to render there and no other reason, then yes. You can just render in place in Blender. Eevee is not a game engine, so if you are actually trying to make some sort of interactive experience, Eevee won’t really help you.

  4. Eevee does not have any built-in optimization. That said, depending on your scene you might be ok just brute-forcing your Cycles geometry through it.

  5. What do you mean by “play” Eevee? Some of these questions sound like you have some expectations of Eevee that aren’t going to be met. Eevee is not a game engine, it is a renderer. It gets fed geometry and shaders and it spits out images, just like Cycles, or Renderman, or whatever. You don’t interact with it anymore than you do with Cycles’ rendered viewport mode.

Thanks for clarifing my questions.

I was hoping that Eevee would eliminate the efford of transmitting data from 3D-Modellingsoftware to an “Interaction-Software“ (Unreal, Unity, …). This transmittingstep makes for me no sence because I’m sure it can be automated.

With Eevee it seems to me that we are very close to eliminate that step! Presenting Visualizations of real estate or historical buildings, in realtime, with a VR-Headset, realistic and highquality, without that boring, timeconsuming, manual data-transmittingstep would be a great benefit!

So what is Eevee for then ?
“Only“ faster rendering with the lack of a bit less realism than Cycles ?

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Eevee is replacing the old Blender internal renderer
with new easier to maintain modern coding!

happy bl

This is how the project was born:

When Blender decided to incorporate Clément to the 2.8 team, the original idea was to have a fast real-time PBR preview mode for Cycles. But then Eevee was growing and now it will be a complete independent engine in Blender.

Don’t discount the value of fit-for-purpose programs (even if they serve several similar purposes). While it may be “boring” to move your data from one to the other, trying to get one program to do all things well will result in something that is big, difficult to maintain, and difficult to use.

Try to design a tool that works as a pickaxe, shovel, and pipe wrench - let me know how it turns out. :wink:

Correct if I’m wrong, Is not Datasmith the solution for that boring datatransmittag task, right ? :wink:

I’ve read that they have an API to make it possible for anyone to integrate it as a Plugin into any 3D-Software.
Is there anyone already working on a Datasmith-Addon for Blender ?

Hi. Between (per project if you’re lucky) naming conventions, paths, custom properties, etc there are innumerable permutations to account for, ie automate. It can be streamlined by customising export presets or the exporter itself, but that unavoidably involves the project authors input.

As for VR you can diy things for now. I’d expect this or better would be achievable in Eevee. #if the embed doesn't play

The FPS style navigation could happen via the coming interactive mode. Else there’s tweaking the Shift F fly mode to hover above mesh surfaces at a fixed height (human eye level) etc, sells the illusion.