Some kind of Jet

Thought it was time to start a new project.
So got the old paints out and painted myself a jet.

And started to model

And any comment are welcome :slight_smile:


youre a reallly good painter…awesome concept cant wait to see more…are those things next to the cockpit guns or air intakes…or wat? lol i like it

blender spartan

Todays update :slight_smile: getting some of these shapes right is hard

Thanks blender spartan. They will be Air intakes once I’ve made the holes.


Awesome concept painting.

Its a very original and unique design for an aircraft, it feels and looks like it has a backbone, almost animal in a way. The padding looks awesome as well, gives it a very tough and armored look.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this as it progresses!

Thanks AD-Edge, real jets are too flimsy for my liking :stuck_out_tongue:

not as much as i wanted to do but the Power supply went bang…


Great concept, and a nice start on the mesh so far.
Although so far you are using way too many polys (rather edgeloops). No need to slap so many loops on it yet, i bet you can achieve the same shape with only half of those loops.

yeah i do tend to use to many and spend more time removing them than making new ones.

Update. Plus i put up a wire frame from the 3d window get better idea of the mesh without the sub surf.


Manged to get some done on the jet. and undoing some and making a mess of it…


that rendered wireframe how did you do that? i try and it goes see-through (i press wire in the materials panel), but in yours it is not

wooo! that looks amazing fly! great modeling :smiley:

There’s a tutorial on the BlenderNewbies site, which achieves it by duplicating the object that needs to have the wireframe, then giving it a wire material and offsetting it from the surface of the mesh so it’s visible. There’s also a script which I’ve never used called solid wireframe, I’m not sure how it works.

BTW nice work Fly, Keep it up.

Sorry for the long updates :stuck_out_tongue: but it will be done eventually !
Gonna use smc to motivate me =D

Thanks jeepster and Nitronic755!

tomrebel2 t : what Nitronic said and i use 0.01 z offset on the duplicate mesh


Fly, if you turn on Optimal Draw on the duplicated mesh when you do wireframes, it will render with subsurf smoothing, but not subdivided. Just thought of that.

BTW nice update. Though I would add a second layer of vanes on the engine nozzles, inside and in between the current ones, if you get what I mean.

This keeps looking better.

Nice job on the lighting too. Looks clean. Maybe a little bright in the front though.

Keep it up.

thanks that helps me a lot

A quicker update this time. some more detail for the exhausts :slight_smile:

Nitronic755 i’ve and more vanes…i think…whats a vane??

HJ05 : Thanks and the lightings just temporary so don’t worry to much about that :slight_smile:


wow really nice. Excellent work with all the extra doo-dads and what have-you’s. Looks cool and believable without being garishly over modeled.
hat tipped

Exactly what I intended, Fly. Well done and good work. Detail looks awesome.

Thanks guys =D

started a bit on the cockpit. starting with the joystick. cause it was more interesting than the cockpit roof :stuck_out_tongue:


As i done the the joystick thought i might as well do a bit more on the
Cockpit and some concept sketches

which includes a working door =D