Space Carrier

Lot of sleepless nights, but thankfully the deadline is here to save me from myself. This is my entry for CG Boost’s Space Carrier Challenge. Huge thank you to everyone that contributed suggestions in my work in progress thread! Used HardOps for the modeling, was very useful for quickly adding detail. Mostly used procedural textures, specifically the Edge Detect node setup from the Wayward Art Company. Huge help for procedurally adding edge wear and grunge. Decals and logos were created in Gimp and Inkscape. Some really nice entries for this challenge, thanks for looking!


Good job! i think you are up there for grabbing the win :slight_smile:


Nah… the more I look at this thing, the less I like it… :slight_smile: But thank you! You never know. I quite liked your entry as well, very strong composition and the use of color was really well done! There are quite a good number of entries that stand out as well!

That’s a great image! The eyes are guided, the colors well chosen - there are many details on the ship. I know it’s hard to stop tweaking but this is a very likable work :wink:

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Thank you so much Sayris! I quite liked your out of the box approach to the topic, really made your entry stand out!

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An excellent piece! The edge detection and grunge stuff really paid off. really helps to sell it. I spent way too much time on the environment rather than the actual subject with my submission.

This came out great.
I am not entirely sure if i don’t like the framing of the previous version a little better with the rings of the planet closer - but that’s kind of nitpicking. You made the ship look better by tweaking the lighting and i do like the current colors better.
Love the fact that graffiti vandalism is still a thing in the 22(?) century.

Thank you so much, Karlb! I was really interested in the story that you incorporated into your entry, wish I had more storytelling in mine. Your scene was also reminiscent of the Kessel run from the Solo movie, it turned out nice! Definitely an ambitious entry!

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I’m glad you liked the story! you are the first to say anything about that aspect :slight_smile: I hadn’t even thought of the Kessel Run! Wow, the subconscious.

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Thanks Romanji, that means a lot! Yeah, I struggled with the framing as well, was making last minute changes at 3am the night before it was due, so I kinda just had to go with it. Several people, including my girlfriend, had mentioned that the rings were too dominant, so I decided to tone them down a little. Figured that if I was going to neglect her for the two weeks I had to work on this, I should at least take her advice… :slight_smile:

Thanks, I really wanted to push the graffiti, dirt, and grunge. I hadn’t managed to incorporate much of a story, so I tried to create a bit of a narrative with the environment. I just love grungy scifi like Alien, The Expanse, Firefly, Dark Matter, the seedy underbellies. If I had more time, I would have worked more on the station. Neon holograms, bars, ect. A wretched hive of scum and villainy, as it were. Might continue to polish this one up, even though the contest is over.