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Here’s some more progress on my old space-ship project. I’m working on adding greeblies and different details.


A quick and dirty unwrap just to try some basic weathering.
Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


Really nice. Ships are hard, especially when trying to come up with something original that looks like it would actually fly. I think you have done that. Needs a little specular to help define the shapes, but i imagine you will get there since you said this was a quick and dirty effort. Keep it up!
Merry Christmas!

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Thank you! :slight_smile: The project itself is really very old. I’ve had it laying around for 3 years or something and recently picked it up again. But obviously I haven’t worked on it non-stop for all that time. The overall shape I did quite early on but all the details with layered panels and greeblies is something I recently got into and I very much enjoy it! All the greeblies are low poly, self made but I intend to repurpose them for other projects and add more to my collection as I go. I even have the “universal greeblie” on it to make it authentic :slight_smile:

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Lovely thing :slight_smile: I am big fan of such things, “cockpit addict” :)) I make such things fly in UE4 :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I just started on the cockpit very recently. I want to make it quite detailed with glowing screens and stuff. We’ll see how that goes.


Love the surface detail. I’ll be following…

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I’m glad everyone likes it! Thanks :smiley:

Working some on the materials now. No weathering here though but that will be added on top in the end. As well as stuff like soot and dirt (as can be seen in an earlier image). I kinda made this sort of grungy sci-fi panel texture by accident and now I’m in love with it.


Some more material tweaks. Added some edge wear / chips to give it a worn and used feel. Also some light soot which is hard to see.

Here’s a rear view

And for those whoa re interested in the crates:
I bashed these up very quickly. Around 20 minutes just to see how quickly I could make something with the assets from the ship.


That’s a big difference between your original post and the newly weathered model. It really highlights the details.

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Love the attention to detail, keep up the good work.

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Here’s another update folks :slight_smile:

I’ve done some more work on the materials both on the ship and on the landing pad with things like oil streaks and dirt. The edge chips are sharper and also they have a normal map now which makes them look deeper.
I also gave it some random red markings in the style of Star Wars.

Plus I made some hologram UI things. They are kinda small so they are hard to see but here is a close up on them. (yes they are made entirely in blender!)

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The weathering is awesome! How do you do it?

Thanks! The edge wear is done with a simple low strenght brush which is then multiplied with a grunge map (to make it appear more sporadic) and compressed in a color ramp to increase the contrast. Then I input it into two separate mix RGB’s to control the metalness and roughness properties of the scraped bits. And I also input it into a bump map which makes it look deeper.

The oil and soot stuff is also done with a low strength brush. I just dab on some black, brown and green and also smear it abit with the smear tool. It’s pretty much like real model weathering techniques but applied to 3D.

What kind of camera lens and depth of field are you using? It kind of makes it looks like a small model and not a full size ship.

Really great work though, I’m enjoying the progress. The UI graphics are really cool.

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Nice!!! I really like the stingray -like design.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes that is a fair criticizm, I’ve thought about it myself. It’s probably the DOF that’s too narrow, in combination with a too strong dispersion effect. And also the vingette probably adds to it. I have a bad habbit of adding all these things because they look cool :smiley: But I should probably tone them down abit.

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Thanks :smiley: Perhaps it’s not a super unique design, but it looks cool.

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Nice work, although it looks more like an endoatmospheric craft.

Thanks :slight_smile: I guess it’s a combination of the two. It’s got some aero for planetary landings or something. It’s not necessarily meant to make sense with physics or engineering.