Special FX vs. Visual FX

I don’t know about you guys, but it kind of bothers me when people say “Special FX” when they really mean “Visual FX”.
There is a difference. So if any of you plan on going into the Film Industry, then I urge you to learn what that difference is now :yes:

ok, sorry :frowning:

Was this thread really necessary? BA shouldnt be used as a blog in which to announce what bothers you.

To be honest, i found this video nice and quite well done. Why so rude about it?

To me, it absolutely provokes thought, like … “Heh, I could pull off that detached head effect in blender!” And certainly in conjunction with After Effects, and some green screen/blue screen back drops.

So, I think that’s what was really being presented - Creative thought.

Ha that’s a nice video, but only half right. Using a dummy, makeup, and/or camera tricks would be SFX. Actually chopping someone’s head off isn’t an effect of any sort. Do this over or fall on that sword! :wink:

Sure, its not a horrible youtube clip but thats not the point. I would argue that if the focus of this film was to show off what you can do in Blender while talking about the difference between the two, thats one thing, however I dont think its good to create a thread within the context of what bothers the OP. What if I create a thread and said “you know what bugs me? when people call a tomato a vegetable, when its technically a fruit!” then link a youtube video that makes use of “visual effects” to illustrate the point. No matter how “good” the film is, if the context is about a fruit or vegitable and why it bothers me personally, its not a good type of subject to post about. Does it start a conversation or compound upon a dialog? not really. All someone can say is “yeah thanks, or ok”.
What if more users then start just creating threads about what we “should” know and or “fun facts” in regards to CG? My point is I dont consider it constructive.

This of course is just my opinion.

I don’t care what it’s called. This thread doesn’t contain anything that’s worth a discussion.

:eek: Wow…this is not the reaction I was expecting :slight_smile:
I simply have a YouTube Channel, of which this is my latest/newest video. And I wanted to post it here on BlenderArtists so you guys could see VFX (After Effects, Blender, etc.) in action. My comment was just an “Introduction” to the video. I’m sorry if it came across as me ranting about what bothers me. I can assure you, that was not my intent :slight_smile:

EnV: Thanks!

FXR: Appreciate it!

LarryPhillips: Me chopping his head off is Visual Effects because I composited the rest of his body off, and composited a digital scar/decapitation mark on his neck. That is all fake. It is not real. In the raw footage, I was just holding up his hair and you could see his whole body in the shot. Then I used compositing (post production, visual effects) to simulate his head being detached from the rest of his body.


That is exactly what I was trying to do :slight_smile: I’m sorry that it came across to you differently.

What? I was commenting on the point you seemed to have made in your video that actually chopping off a head would be SFX. The comment was made in jest. Hopefully you didn’t miss the part where I said “nice video”.

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Nice video!

Just a question: would stop motion be considered a special effect? Being a real puppet an all…

SamusDrake: No, stop motion would not be Special FX. Stop motion would just be a filming technique or “filming method”. Stop Motion…Live Action…Animation…etc. Those are all methods of movie creation.

Examples of Special Effects are:

  1. A pyrotechnician coming onto set and setting off a real explosion or starting a real fire for the camera department to capture. (As opposed to setting up a greenscreen and compositing a digital explosion).

  2. Dropping real boulders down the side of a mountain. (As opposed to setting up a green screen and adding in digital 3D boulders).

What it basically comes down to is, “Should we pull this effect off practically? (Special FX)” or “Should we just set up a green screen and do this effect later in post-production? (Visual FX)”

I sees! Thanks for clearing that up!

I found the video to be entertaining. Got a chuckle out of it and also learned something. Nice job.

Not a bad video, and a I learned something new. Kudos.

when you get good enough you can call it what ever you wish


There’s a difference between constructive criticism and complaining. I do not find anything wrong with your video except you can see the light shadows from the green screen.

Green screening is an important aspect of Blender.

The people complaining about the content are clueless.

Mistro: Thanks a lot! It’s good to hear that what you intended to do in a video came across that way to the audience.

Januz: Glad this could help :slight_smile: It’s crazy how many people, even in the film industry, make the same mistake.

animaguy: What do you mean by the “light shadows from the green screen”? I’d love for you to point it out to me a little more clearly. Because I love getting constructive criticism. Would you care to elaborate a little more?

“The people complaining about the content are clueless” That is just stupid.
People use the wrong words all the time in this very same way. Who gives a rats ass.
The only green I saw was between the big guys arms and body. and on the blond hair from…I do not want to say as it may be the wrong word. Is it translucent color? Hey do not cut off my head!!

kazinger: wish I had caught that during editing :no: