Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (WIP)

(adriansnetlis) #202

I agree that the camera should be closer. Overally I like how this is looking. Your game has improved a lot. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

(Fred/K.S) #203

No problem i will make some adjustments to the camera and bring it closer. Lol im busy with the singleplayer experience i’ll post an update soon.

Thanks for the awesome feedback guys i’m even more motivated to continue.


(haidme) #204

Looks great so far! I like the split screen option. It is a must in every racer.
Curious, what will be the framerate on a middle-end PC like mine?

(Fred/K.S) #205

By the way Thanks !!! Im happy you guy’s are enjoying this project i will do my best to deliver the best possible content, Split screen plays a very important part in this Game’s singleplayer experience and 2 player experience. (Offline)

Spoiler they might be a 2-Player LAN MODE !!!

Well in its Current Stage in development it runs at around 45 frames per second.
The Lowest it can drop is around 30FPS. (on the Middle End)

On The Low End The Max it can go is only 30FPS in Splitscreen, well thats if you have 8GB Ram and no graphics card. (Purely Intel HD Graphics)

If you have 4GB RAM it will lag slightly, but the lowest it will drop is about to 10FPS which is baddd

so im still optimising the Standard Graphical settings for the Game. (Otherwise on standard Graphics it runs between 30 and 60FPS on the middle End)

im optimising the AI as well guy’s. (The AI must run smooth even in split screen and in the single player experience)



(Fred/K.S) #206

There have been a couplah rumors about they’ve completely removed the Blender Game Engine as iam not fully sure about UPBGE.

This is just a reminder that THE PROJECT SPEED RACER A WHOLE NEW WORLD 2 will not be affected by this move that Blender Foundation is taking.

The Game is still in development and it will live to see the Light of Day, to remember the long lived BGE.
(In other words whats left of UPBGE will be used to finnish this project)


(Fred/K.S) #207

There’s still more content coming!!!


(Fred/K.S) #208

If Any of you guys missed my last posts here they are: (For those who have already seen this progress well you’re on par with the projects Production)
This was just a test on a High End Machine of how smooth Splitscreen runs on a GPU !!!

  • The major advantage of a Higher End GPU is that you’ll have a full 60fps
  • smoother gameplay experience
  • slight Graphical enhancements (But the details are not that obvious)
  • 2-Player Splitscreen is the best experience on a BIGGER Screen TV (HDMI)

This is the AMD Test: (Both types of GPU’s play the game at a decent 60psish though they might be slight framedrops on an AMD Card)

  • Be ready to face frame drops due to the optimization of the game and its loading sequences
  • AMD Makes the Game more colourful Rich true colours (this really enhances graphics)
  • Its a Must to play Splitscreen on a BIGGER Screen (HDMI is worth a try)

And Lastly No GPU just RAW INTEL HD GRAPHICS !!!

Originally my 1st intention i took when i started this project was to create a Game that would be playable on Low End machines. Initially this game is designed and optimized for INTEL HD Graphics and also it looks better on INTEL HD, The Graphics of the game are not Perfect but yet its colourful and creates a nice tone for the player so that it can still create that racing atmosphere that players like in today’s racing games hence i made it decent. (Its also a balance between performance and Graphics to create a rich gameplay experience)

From Now And Going Forward:

  • The Project is Resuming Officially from the 1st of July 2018
  • There will be more coming
  • Single player content is Halfway already just needs polishing
  • Splitscreen will now be Refined and Completed (fully)
  • The Official Demo is Going to the Next LEVEL in its production :sunglasses:
    (The new LvL is more focused on stability in the next build and the completion of Gameplay features)

From now on New Regular Updates will be taken to another level. (Ive learnt so much and ive come so far and iam going to make sure that i deliver the experience promised)


(Fred/K.S) #209

Its Been a long time guy’s !!!

Just to let you guy’s know that iam still working on the game its not yet over:

  • Ive Just been busy with the other Blender Game Project i started while this game’s been on pause but im almost done with the World map of Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 !!! (This game is freaking AWESOME as we speak i just need to polish it abit more the game is also stable and well optimized lastly the Official Demo is almost ready to be played, i just need more time to finish off this project. C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved%20Images_Screenshot%20(me)-2|690x221

    please understand my time is always Occupied with my day to day tasks so i dont really get much time to work on blender so much anymore.


(Fred/K.S) #210

Site UPDATE October 2018:

Hope you guy’s enjoy the new style and definitely more content coming soon in late November…

Visit: NOW !!!


(Fred/K.S) #211

Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 Returns this 2019 with more content than ever to be shown.
(More Updates are on their way)
More in 2019

Returning after a huge development leap in 2018, ive managed to create new things that i thought could never been made in SR AWNW2 and this year is its year! (So far im feeling more confident abt this year’s content that will be showcased sooner)


(Fred/K.S) #213

Its very easy
What are you havig trouble with?
Setting up one or designing one?


(Mr Lobo) #214

Both of them

(Mr Lobo) #215

When you want to release demo for this game

(Fred/K.S) #216

I won’t promise exactly when but I’m in the process of posting content you guys will check out the content that i will be uploading in the coming days and see where the game is at all i can say its in a playable state with he BETA half done. What mean is I’m heavily busy with game sound at this point so its taking up my time mostly.

Just to let you know I work on 2 blender game projects and i split development time daily so I’ve achieved so much on both games I just haven’t been posting updates on Speed Racer at all but I’m getting SR AWNW2 content done!

I’ll post a few updates in the coming days.


(Fred/K.S) #217

It takes quite abit of time and planning to get one working for example i 1t drew my speedometer then i went n watched tuts on how to make a speedometer then i applied that knowledge and created my own version in a much more complex way no coding!

U can do it just do it properly and watch tutorials, ummm also try n see if you can Design it through modeling techniques as well that serves as a huge advantage on how to do it!
(Right now iam in a position where i cannot even dare to take breaks working on my projects i have to finnish the games im making then start making tutorials)


(Fred/K.S) #218

2017 Updates: Last screens (Both Gameplay and Captured Game Engine Footage)


(Fred/K.S) #219

Quicky Updates (Back from 2017)
i will post a march 2019 progress update it will be a video and followed up with screens.
These screens im posting are the shots i never posted back in late 2017 and early 2018!


(Fred/K.S) #220

March 2019 will be coming shortly!


(Fred/K.S) #221

SR AWNW 2 Remastered (Lighting):

  • So i decided to use my lighting scripts from TBW and it seems like it does a pretty guud job in SR AWNW 2 as well only that here it halfs the performance. (Framerate is half of what i get in TBW here henc without the lighting script for lighting enhancements the framerate kicks all the way up to optimal level which is abt 45 fps to 50fps on medium ends)
  • High ends remain at 60 fps , medium pc with the remastered lighting script drops fps to 30 to 25fps just because of the lighting. low ends drop to abt 15 to 14 fps.

im considering using an alternative or i’ll just leave the original lighting instead of adding enhancement scripts.
below are some screens of the Remastered lighting script from TBW Project!

  • Just remember guys this is not the March 2019 content i promised yet, March content is on its way it may be delayed by a week or 2 but im almost done mounting up the Trailer for SR AWNW 2. (Just Editing and SFX Left no worries everyone!)


(Fred/K.S) #222

Updated Wallpapers: