Speedflow [$] - Modeling Addon

This is Speeflow, a tool to improve your workflow!

The addon is available on gumroad.

SUPPORT ON DISCORD > https://discord.gg/ctQAdbY

The goal is to play with modifiers as simple as possible.

For modifiers like the array, you can add several modifiers and select the one you want to edit directly in the modal.

You can use pie menus or simple menu and the T panel.


The bevel modifier allows you to manage, subdivision modelling and non-subdivision modelling, like hardops.

You can also manage bevel weights.


You can change the size and the colour of the text and play with shadows.


You can apply or delete modifiers directly in the modals.


You have all the useful settings in the modals too.

Some examples.

Mirror modal


Array Modal




You can also use profiles.




The Symmetrize Modal on several objects.
You can choose the axis (X, Y or Z) and/or add axis (shift X, Y or Z)


We coded everything, so no need for others add-ons like booltools.

hope you like it :wink:



Sweeet! Will buy it! :slight_smile: Thank you for all your efforts!

uff nice i want it

T his tools in combination with HarOps is a must have

Looks great!

Wazou Strikes Again!!!

Enough with teasing, give us the gumroad link!
Much appreciated my friend!

It’s not finish ^^

We are working on the modals to add multiples modifiers on some modals like the mirror, we are finishing the boolean and we added some options for the text with shadows etc.


I’ll keep my eye on this one.

Little update on the boolean modal !

Better to see which boolean is selected like that !



We launched the early acces to the Modals Pie menu at $7 instead of $10!

If you are interrested :wink:


This is an early acces so we will improve the addon a lot and launch the official build later.
So you will be abble to test the next builds with new features ^^

We are working hard on this addon, it’s really usefull and simple.
Don’t hesitate to look at the video to see what the addon can do :wink:

We hope you like it :wink:


The shortcut is ctrl + shift + Q

Scored it
Thanks Ced… Rock on brother

Thx for your support, hope you will like it :wink:

Great addon! Thanks!
Just to be sure, once purchase any future updates are free?

Yes, same as the asset management :wink:

Just bought it, and I’m testing already!

I found something about the UI: as you can see from the picture, part of the “help hud” is covered by the toolshelf.
It would be useful to have the option to customize the distance from center.

However I’m having fun with this :smiley:
Thank you!


Maybe because you use the region overlap, we will fix that, thx for your report :wink:

Great addon… but that becomes open source and where is the source code for study?

Seriously, did you ever think about working for the Blender Foundation? Your stuff is almost exactly what we need for Blender 2.8 or what was anounced for 2.8. We may run into a situation where 2 teams are doing very similar tools, competing with each other, doing the same work twice. Wouldn’t it be awesome to combine development power?


Thx, but what we develop will never be accepted in the trunk sadly.

I hope that, with the new widget system we will have better modals and we will update this addon for that.

Tonight we will make an update to fix some issues like the text in overlay mode.
We put the text at the center of the view and not on the mouse because it’s better to see the modifications.
We will add an option to place the text where you want in the preferences.