Speedflow [$] - Modeling Addon

Hi pitiwazou! Great addon, still learning it.

My problem is, that I don’t seem to have the Modifier listing on left.
I fetched recent speedflow_2_80_v_0_0_18 from Gumroad and today’s Blender 2.80 Beta from blender.org. I also resetted to factory settings before installing Speedflow. Still no Object modifier listing on left. Do I need to enable it somehow? All other functions seems to work.


You need to install speedflow companion too :wink:



Oops! Now I installed the companion, and I have the left side Modifiers list.

Problem: all other keys are working, but not: up, down, left, right. So I don’t know how to change the modifier to manipulate it in speedflow.

I have Win10 and finnish keyboard layout, pretty much like this: https://www.jimms.fi/fi/Product/Show/126894/hx-kb1rd1-no-a2/kingston-hyperx-alloy-fps-mekaaninen-pelinappaimisto-mx-cherry-red-nordic-musta

Thank you!

Come on Discord for support, Fiendish55 is Finnish too, he will be able to help you :wink:

Thanks so much for the Array optimizations, I certainly appreciate it!


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Speedflow Basics - 04 - Parametric Gear
In this video, we will see how to make a parametric gear with Speedflow.



I found that the triangle count displayed by speedflow companion is wrong, and the Ngons count will not be displayed. This function is useful to me. Can you find a way to fix it?

Thank you!!


When I’ll have time yes, of course :wink:

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I believe you might have different settings for ‘viewport’ and ‘render’ in your modifiers?

That hadn’t occurred to me, as I’ve never run into an issue before, but that’s when I apply modifiers the default way. I’ll have to see what they’re set to.

Speedflow Basics - 05 - Rope

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Hi I bought your add-on but I don’t it particularly speeding up my workflow. Two very early issues I am having are.

  1. The fields accept only numeric input and not calculations the way that the rest of the blender interface does. At a minimum I would expect to be able to enter units like mm or ".
  2. the pie menu requires you to click on the menu items, unlike all other pie menus in Blender you can’t simply hit the hot key and flick the mouse in a direction. This feature is pretty key to a fast workflow.

also I would like to see some sort of support for the UVProject modifier, so that some level of proceedural texturing is available in addition to the modelling.

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Hi pitiwazou, i know i can select Object press Tubify with control and then draw a curve that would draw the object through a curve. But is possible to do that with a curve made already?


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I check if it’s possible, but I don’t really see the issue here, just enter 0.01 and that’s it.

You can do it but you need to be exactly on the button, it’s a blender issue, I cannot fix that.
Because you have options on each button, that breaks the fast selection.

Sadly, blender doesn’t support fast drag when you add options.
I will not remove them or make them optional.
It’s not as slow as you say it is IMO.
I’m really fast with the addon without slowing me down because of that.

On day maybe.

You are right, I’ll fix that, you can use the curve modifier for now.

I’ve seen so many of your tutorials, @pitiwazou, that I will forever keep reading “Speedflow” with a French accent. :grin:

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Speedflow Baguette Tradition !


Thankyou for looking into this.
Lets say I am working from plans specified in inches and I am modelling in metric (because I am using blender to pre-plan objects I am going to physically build and my physical tools are all in metric). In blender I can specify say 5 ¼ inches as 5.25" or 5.25 * 0.0254, with speedflow I have to do that calculation manually.

I understand, not sure it will be possible.

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