big thanks for this tool!
any way to automatically set source object after clicking setup retopo instead of choosing it from search property?

If you select your objet ref, and clic on setup retopo, it is directly in the ref object list.

I added Retopo MT if it’s enabled.


And without the addon enabled


It’s online !

Big thanks!

I use your " Retopology Tools" in my daily work !
Now I thinks the “SpeedRetopo” is my first choice. I do not need install many addons to make it work as i whish !

Now i have a SpeedToolkit “Speedflow , SpeedSculpt SpeedRetopo” , of course Asset Management ! These make life easy!


Do we have to choose it everytime? you can’t assign reference object for shrinkwrap without having to choose what object, instead do it from active object.

If you comeback to your retopo, you just have to go in edit mode and continue your retopo.
I understand what you said, I will check If I can do better, but for now I have daily work to do, that must wait.

@Wuren, thx for your support with our addons :wink:

Added english video in first page :wink:

Great addon, thx !

Super addone pitiwazou, et plus largement merci pour toutes tes contributions qui ont fortement participer a mon auto-formation ! :slight_smile:

Hi pitiwazou

It looks the Retopo MT can enable in Add-ons . But It does not work pres ctrl+ shift +X in editmode . Also SpeedRetopo do not display Retopo MT buttom. My Blender is 2.78.

Could you can have a look ?

Big thanks

Do you have the last build of retopo MT ?


Wow thanks!
I get your addons from “GitHub” before!

I download again ,but It have the same problem!

My Blender is daily build ! The splashscrean display “Date 2016-09-06 20:32 Hash:doe7c7a”

And do you have the last build of Speeretopo 0.0.3 ?

Yes! My SpeedRetopo is 0.0.3!

Or I need to wait the offical blender 2.78 ?

Nope no need, that ok On my PC.

Download the last build I updated it a little bit after putting the retopo mt code.

I download speedRetopo again from gumroad .
But i have no idea why it is still don’t display "retopo_mt’ either shelf or pie !
2.78rc and daily build both have this problem.

Have you any error in the console ?

No ! Both SpeedRetopo and Retopo_MT are Working ! The only problem is "SpeedRetopo do not know Retopo_MT is intalled, so it don’t display "retopo_mt’ in either shelf or pie !

Honnesly I don’t know why it’s not working for you.
I just downloaded the last blender build, installed both Addons and it’s ok for me.


Bsurface and looptools are activated ?

Speedretopo > https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd5ftog91d768f3/speedretopo_v_0_0_3.py?dl=0
Retopo MT > https://www.dropbox.com/s/kna17qafhpg9fua/Retopo_MT.py?dl=0

@pitiwazou, thanks! :slight_smile:

@wuren, What OS are you using?
Seems Retopo MT button also does not appear to me in Linux

@Yafu I am using win7

@ Yes Bsurface and looptools activated

Ok, I installed that Retopo MT from dropbox above (message #35) and now the button is there. The weird thing is that the previous version of Retopo MT I had installed was also 1.0.3