Spider webs

Hi everyone,

I saw this great addonby pildanovak the other day, and noticed that the webs aren’t really structured in a ‘traditional’ way, so i challenged myself to write a quick script to do precisely that.

here is an early result:

Some truly amazing stuff coming out lately :slight_smile:

noticed… well, different spiders make different webs… some are alike ‘unstructured’ & are hidden off plain sight ie. in holes, funnels, crevices and such, while those ‘structured’ are exposed & in the open/fly through areas

… your result is also amazing :yes:

also, check this out (made with Animation Nodes)

Thanks for those links and feedback !

The animations nodes truly are a wonderful thing. I focus on a quick way to generate a number of spider webs that adapts to their environment. I will probably make an addon out of it at some point.

A render of a bunch of webs:

nice teaser :smiley: would really like to take a look & play :eyebrowlift:

I added an option to generate a texture instead of a mesh to keep the poly count low:

That’s a very nice idea!! :smiley:
…doing it in osl was tottally difficult.

Here is a close up render of a material using the web texture generated at 2048 pixels:

This is looking great :cool:

You should sell this as an add on.

I think I will put it on the market as well as make it open source on github.

I am making some progress, here is a short video, as a proof of concept:


Lookin good, is there anyway to keep three strands from connecting to one? You can see what I’m talking about in the last pic you posted.

You are right, it would be better not to have that, I will add an option to prevent it !

great progress… so, are you nearing the release or are there still things to be done?

looking forward & TIA :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? This looks really cool and I’d love to play with it.

I couldn’t work on it for some time, I will release a first version very soon !

Looking forward to it Maxime.

I’m currently writing some documentation, and correcting a few bugs in order to be able to publish it on the blender market for those who wish to support me and my other projects.

In the meantime, you can download it from my github repo and play with it.

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This is really good!

I can’t quite get a more traditional spider web look like the first single web you make in the video above at around 24 seconds. Something seems to be weird about the gravity, like the web is able to stretch too much but if you lower the gravity then you don’t get the nice smaller loops drooping at the higher points either.

That should be fixed now, thanks for the feedback !