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Hello Elysiun,

I am learning Blender, and the going gets though.

Bought and read the manual, done a number of tuts, lurked anonymously on elysiun and now started my first serious project.

The plan is to do a number of projects/studies in order to learn Blender.

Study Nr. 1 - Boxmodeling a female head
For this I followed the first part of the following tut

Presumably I made some errors and strayed from the tut early on and had to wing it from there.

This is as far as I got.

The first renders looked like rocks and at one time I got an angry looking man without a mouth. So I’m actualy quite surprised it came out as well as it did.

Still looking for lots of tips on how to improve.

Hair and ears are subjects for future studies

Ok I’m an idiot. I forgot to save my last progress and lighting.

This is what I could restore from an earlier version and redid the lighting.

Rendered 3 different views and composited them in The Gimp.
This time jpeg to save bandwith.

Still I could use some help.
The eyes and mouth need work, but I don’t know how to fix them.


More and more I think she looks like an alien, need crits.

How can I get a shaded model with visible wireframe?
When I press the wire button I only get a wire-model.

Nevermind the last question, I finally figured it out.


C&c are welcome.

ya know, your image actually looks pretty darn cool with that elongated neck the way it is…

might wanna save that particular blend file for later use. i really think it looks great!

It has a decidedly exotic and asian appearance to it. Is this intentional or merely a result of the learning process?

If you want a better crit, I would lose the neck. It throws the whole thing off.

Part of what gives the head an alien or exotic look is the sockets form a distinctive mask shape and there is a bowl shape to the muscles around the mouth. Also the mouth is quite full and the cheek bones high and pronounced.

Eyelid thickness might be a tad thicker???

I think it looks good, myself, and I’d just spiff the neck as previously suggested. If your intention was to get something more like Victorias Secret, then I can only suggest trying to tone down the areas listed above, maybe?

Modeling isn’t photography. I think the distinctive features give the figure quite a character. The distinctive shapes are quite expressive.

It would only be a “problem” if its supposed to look like Hillary Clinton. :smiley:

front plane of the features pulled forward a bit too much??
or said another way , forehead sloped back too fast?

Thank you all for taking the time to comment.

Dhenton9000 you’re right, thanks.
The sloping forehead was putting me off and here I was focussing on her eyes.
Never been very artistic before, doing it now for r&r and its working. Need to let go of “reality” and get the hang of this creativity bussiness.

Appreciate the other remarks aswell.

Forgot about the neck, should have fixed that sooner.

I will make some changes to the model as soon as possible based on all your comments.
Forgive me for being very elaborate in this post, but I will use this thread as a kind of diary for future reference.

To answer some of the other questions.
My goal was to achieve a convincingly female head.
At first I got a male head, probably because those features are familiar to me from looking in the mirror every morning.
The exotic look is probably the result off chipping away these crude features to achieve a more femine appearance.

Thanks again and I wil post an update soon.

That’s reminding me of a Kamenion (sp) from Star Wars Episode II.

Nice work.

If you are going for a more realistic female head, then of course the suggestions mentioned earlier will help immensly.

Personally, I love your first image posted. the color, model, and everything suggest a really good composition. Perhaps you could at least keep the blend file for that image around? Heck, send it to me if you could (and wouldn’t mind) and i’ll just render a neat desktop image for myself :smiley:

It has a ton of character and is very interesting to look at. Might not be realistic, but the idealization that has unintentionally(?) been achieved has a great effect!

No update, just did a little check for comments.

Glad you like it pld. but I lost the blend for the first pic, here’s the blend for the last 2. Mind you, I think I came pretty close to the first one.

You’ll have to join and remove doubles. Hardly touched the back of the head and neck, so you’ll probably need to change those.

First pic was rendered with yafray and 3 lights, but the blend uses blenders internal scanline with 1 spot and a hemi.

If you want to use yafray, change the skins nor to negative and reduce nor-value with a factor of 10. You’ll have to do you’re own lighting. Also the eye material and textures will need some tweaking, like eye-texture to add, to be able to see them.

Changed forehead, cheek, jawline, back of the head, and made the eyelids thicker. Also changed the lighting.

Didn’t ditch the neck, because I seem to need it for reference for the throat and base of the skull. Instead I pulled it out and made a crude upper torso.

Here are some new renders and c&c are welcome.

I’m a noob, just learning from Y’all.

My comment…;

Hmm, I think I’ve met that lady, can’t remember where just now, but that model looks so normal (most look to perfect or cartoony, or just messed up like mine) that I think I may have met that woman, or somebody that looks close enough.

Asked my little sister for some crits and told her she could leave the gloves off. Well I got a proper trashing.
Unfortunately I’m not nearly skilled enough to correct all the errors she pointed out, but this is as close as I could get.

C&C are more than welcome and you can leave the gloves off.

Pending the crits, I will probably put this project on hold, because I have reached my limit.

I would appreciate some tips about the mouth.
I’ve spent more time on the mouth than it took me to model everything else. Tiny changes in this area changes the whole expression. Even changing the level of subsurf has considerable impact. Is there someway to keep this under control? If not than animating a face must be a bitch.

Can someone take a look at the wire?
I found it very difficult to make the jawline and even more so the muscles in the neck. I was not always able to cross from vertice to vertice along a line or edge to make dent or bulge. Should I have made an edge for the jawline and the muscles etc? I imagine that would result in a very messy mesh. I guess this would make uv-texturing impractical also. Could someone give me some directions on how to be able to animate head movement with proper deformation?

No comments I see. Ah well, time to finish it up.

Played around with materials and lighting for one final render.

If someone else wants a crack at her, the blend is here.

Should someone stumble on this thread, the questions in the post above still stand. I will keep an eye out just in case.

Till then, I’m off practising for my second blenderproject.

She has been working out.

Couldn’t help myself.

:o Whoa, a lot has been going on in the land of Blender.

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been realy busy, but not with Blender :expressionless:

Just making up for lost time.

I’ve picked up where I left off a while ago and tried to make a frogman.

Focus was mainly on procedurals and lighting. Also tried to get as close to YafRay as possible using the Blender scanline engine.

I seem to be getting narrow bands where the spotlights intersect, not referring to the larger shadows, any idea’s how that can be avoided?

c&c much appreciated.

I’ve been trying to make a turntable animation, but I can’t get the eyes to stay in the head. How do I make the eyes turn with the head, without joining the meshes?

Also does the new Blender 2.40 have a mirror-function like Wings or do you still have to use a linked duplicate?

Nice progress

in answer to your questions

  1. How do I make the eyes turn with the head, without joining the meshes?

select an your eyes while holding shift then select the head last and press ctrl-p > click make parent now when you move the head the eye will follow the parent (the head)

  1. Also does the new Blender 2.40 have a mirror-function like Wings or do you still have to use a linked duplicate?

the mirror function is in the modifier stack

Thanks Hazza, that worked.

And because of the animation I also found out why got those bands.

I had put the clip-start of two spots too close to the model, but that wasn’t visible from my vantage point.

Looks like a Narn from Babylon 5, maybe give it some spots and a tan complextion.