SSK "Black Prince" high detail model

Dear fellow blender users, I would be happy to hear some sincere feedback regarding the shots of my finished model. Thank you. More at

(4.7 MB)
The Leadenhall Market (London) HDR scene from HDRI heaven by Andreas Mischok is helping a lot on visual quality. I use it all the time.

:fire:Turnaround video:


Beautiful work, love the detailsđź‘Ť

Thank you.

What @Sir_Laugesen said…details are really beautiful. That engine alone is a wonderful model…
Now cons…Just a bit too dark of renders…hard to get right with a black model on a dark gray background…maybe just tweaking the lighting would do it, or perhaps change your color management look to medium or medium-low contrast.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

You’re #featured! :tada:

Great work. My only complaint is there aren’t more renders to look at!

very good job :+1:

Thank you very much

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Very impressive!
Take a look at your flying twin car :wink:

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This is just awesome :astonished:

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Great work, nicely done.

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Wow, excellent modelling, how long did it take you to complete this design?!


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That is crazy!!! But the overall result is outstanding , you should be very proud & satisfied with the result. Keep up the great work!

Beautiful model, so many details! Even the undercarriage and engine model, respect!

Holy wow! You are a master!

Amazing model detail!!

Brilliant work!

I am speechless.
Congrats indeed!

Amazing and Beautiful. A lot of love to the detail up to the buildup of the structure.