sss in cycles

here is my first attempt at sss in cycles. what do you think?

can I see your node tree??

here are the nodes for this material.
one thing that really helped the effect in this case was to add a .0200 thickness solidify modifier to the monkey.

Meaning that the SSSampling stops at .02 units into the model? Hard to tell by looking.

Yes, the solidify modifier adds thickness and produced more of rubbery appearance that I liked for this test. It isn’t mandatory of course.

Makes a great raspberry!

wow…I like this…but I dont seem to have the same nodes as you do…or I am missing something…where did you get the blend weight and the translucent, transparent, diffuse BSDF, Mix Shader and Material Output nodes?

Are these node types strictly in the CYCLES renderer?

Just answered my last question…but still cant get the mix shader node or the blend weight node…what version you using?

Loonatik: the blend weight node and the rename of closure to shader would mainly be found in the later builds (I think dating from the beginning of September or later).

Go ahead and grab the latest build available for your OS on Graphicall and you should find all of the new features.

I did grab the latest one as of yesterday and those nodes were still missing…lol I grabbed the cycles 2.59 build version r40795…but now there are like 10 more builds up on the site lol…

Hey, pretty cool setup!!

I’ve been playing with it too and this is what i have so far:

This is the model with jakchit setup. I think a combination of both should give pretty cool results, but I haven’t been able to combine them yet, it crashes everytime i wanna see the preview :S

@@julperadojulperado: Really nice test, can you post the same render with only difuse shader to see the diference?
keep it up

It’s quite easy to render a SSS-pass in BI and use that with a cycles render.
here’s how you do it -

This general technique can be used to render all kinds of passes. Like Ambient Occlusion, ZDepth, Normal and etc. Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

This tip opens a wide range of possibilities. Actually cycles can have AO, fur, halos and all the good ol’ BI tricks and passes. As far as cycles and internal cameras work the same way, everything is possible! :slight_smile:

Yup, you got my point exactly :slight_smile:
Here’s an example where I used this technique to render AO, halo, mist +ID-masks… it worked really well.

The only thing you need to be careful with is when using cycles own Depth of Field. In some cases is might be better to render without 3d DOF and just do it the old way via compositing.

there are some aliasing problems in cycles atm, so masking with id-mask or using alpha chanels from BI renders could give some shots with sharp/dark borders

AA seems to work fine for me, keep in mind cycles uses straight alpha, make sure to premultiply it when alphaovering

These are not compositing nodes.
These are material nodes specific to the Cycles rendering engine.

I am aware of the difference lol…here is a snapshot of what the build I grabbed has to offer…These are all of the MATERIAL nodes that are available in the build that I grabbed. What build is everyone else using or am I just forgetting/missing something?


Change the engine to “Cycles” (in the info header). If not there, enable Cycles in the User preferences (Addons).