SSS Study

That is brilliant! If you make a tutorial for this it will definitely become one of the blender communities staples! Do it! :smiley:

Really impressive portfolio, I must say!

I’ve discovered that you switched to Blender lately; how would you compare it to other programms you use? Was it hard to get used to interface?

Great work! 5 star for me :D:D
I,m waiting for tutorial :):):):):slight_smile:

Damn this is real good, I would love a tutorial

Blows my minds, waiting for tutorial. Great job! Thank you.

@Sixthlaw, ifilgood, tyrant monkey: Thanks for the encouragement! :smiley:

@rozmiarek: Thank you sir :slight_smile: And yes I’ve been using Blender for about a year now, coming from Maya and 3ds Max. It not only compares but is significantly better in many ways imho. It was a little tricky getting used to the interface but not more tricky than switching from any program to another. The mesh editing took the longest time to get used to; extruding individual verts, lack of common tools like bevel, etc…but now I’m used to it and Maya/Max feel horrendously outdated and clunky in comparison (I mean the pre-bmesh mesh editing, which I know is a frequent complaint in the community but I prefer it to bmesh). Now I use Blender at work (reelfx) almost exclusively, even replacing zbrush for 90% of my sculpting needs. I’m sold out for this app. The list of positives shames the commercial competition in my opinion.

Wow! That looks amazing! A tutorial would be top notch. Keep up the excellent work!

Wow, it looks superb !
I would love to see your tut on SSS. Maybe it would worse waiting for cycle to integrate SSS to stay up to date but in anyway i would love to see what is your approach for doing such realistic SSS.

I agree also to say that the hair and the sculpting is really great too.

5* and again, well done !


theLuthier awesome!The tut will be receive with open arms by the blender community!

please make the tut!


It looks great. I like the artistic look. I’d love a tutorial.
the guy looks like my landlord, especially in the second rendering.

Sure It’s a very good result. Not only the skin and hair, but the clothes… excelent. Go ahead with tha tutorial!

+1000!! awesome pic

AMAZING RENDER. +1 for tutorial.

I’m very impressed by the result you’ve achieved. SSS is one of those things in Blender where I wish that they would put a little more information into the tool tips. I always forget what all of the settings do despite checking the wiki every time. I can also never quite get that red bleed through the ears that you seem to have achieved, so I’d be thrilled to see a tutorial.

TheLuthier - thanks for response and forgive my curiosity; I just think that pros like you should really influence Blender community - both as an inspiration and source of knowledge (and I believe that your opinion should be taken into account when it comes to developing Blender).

I would be really greatful for a few more answers although they may be a bit off-topic. How does Blender fit workflow in your company? What’s your workmates’ attitude towards Blender (do they treat it as a serious application or more like a toy for amateurs in 3D world)? And why have you switched to Blender anyway?

+1 for a “high quality” tutorial please :slight_smile:

Are you kidding? You’re asking? Of course a tutorial is needed! That work is superb!!!
5 stars for me too!

Truly inspirational. I’d be very interested in learning about your method. Thank you for sharing.

This is totally kick ass!!! Awesome work my friend :slight_smile: Great folio :wink:

Keep it up :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile: