Star Trek captain Picard character - Patrick Stewart sculpting

Hi guys,
I’m working on character of captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart).
I’ve always wanted create him and this is my try…
(Still work in progress.)
I’d like know your opinion for that. What can be improved?
I still do not see him in his “perfect” proportions. Probably mouth is my biggest problem but I don’t really know how to correct it… What’s wrong with that?

thanks for feedback.

a few more:

quick render:

Nice job. I think the face is a bit too wide but you did a really fine job on that. That model is good enough for a video. Are you going to be making a fan flick?

Too wide head - maybe this is the problem. I’ll check it. Thanks. Something on the head is wierd but I dont know what exactly now…

Actually, yeah, I thought about making short film or computer game. And I worked on it in past but it’s a lottt of work and in this time I can not give it enough time.
I have it in the background of my list :slight_smile:

I think maybe the head could be a little taller. here is an image that appears to be taken with a portrait camera, and shows the proprtions of his head well. I must warn you though, there is an obnoxious pop up on the page that makes you wait through a few seconds of a commercial before continuing to the page…

Thanks for the image. It helped me. I’ve checked head proportions and it’s OK. However head seemed too much rounded and it maybe made impression of too wide head.So I sharpened jawline a little bit. Eyes are edited too. And ears are shifted higher a little bit.However appearance of rounded head is changing with zoom and focal length options setup (See image bellow). It’s kind of wierd


the head shape does look more accurate now. that dude has one pointy head.

What do you mean? … Needs sculpture more pointy head or it’s has too much?

no, the model is perfect.

And how does look like his mouth for you? Seem OK? For me there is definitely something wrong. But I dont really know what…

Maybe a little more fullness in the lower lip. It looks drawn in a bit, as if he’s anxious.

Hey, Fogine, this has already a very good likeness. I agree with Modron on the lower lip. And I think that the mouth of your model is too wide. And too symmetrically. Almost every image I saw, even the image Modron linked, shows a noticeable asymmetry.

minoribus: You’re right! I totally forgot that I mirror him at beginning! :slight_smile: Thanks

Modron: I wouldn’t ever come with the idea of lower lip is drawn in. But you’re right! Thanks.

Now, it’s better:

Hi again,
I’m sorry that I haven’t updated this thread, but I really didn’t have time.
Some time ago, I finished my first serious render.
May I ask you for some critique?


That’s a very nice progress, fogine. The texture is looking good and I think it has the right amount of sss for older skin. But something bothers me with the eyes. Are they blue? I think the eyeball could be a bit whiter and the iris could be better defined. Other than that extremely nice!

Thanks, I’m glad you like it.
I must say that I have problems with proper lighting that would illuminate the eyes as well as rest of the character. If I light and render all together (character of cpt.Picard), eyes are always to much dark. So I had to render eyes with completely different lighting and do a little bit of post processing. But I do not like this approach…

Thanks for your point of view, I’ll alter the eyes…

Excellent work :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:
What about clothes, is it enough “crumpled” for an uniform?
Seem you material of uniform ok?

it’s looking really good, man. nice progress.

Modron, actually, when you suggested taller head, you were right. It makes big difference. So thank you for the tip!