Starling Class Fighter

hey guys, finished my starling fighter, and in my opinion is quite nice…
i was kind of weary for posting it in finished projects because whenever i post somthin here i get a bad response…
anyway,here goes. ENJOY! ;D

lol. that happens too me to, good model, nice details

its good to know that i am not alone :slight_smile: anyway, thanks!

Everyone gets bad comments now and then… Looks nice, but i’d rethink the angle of the shot… Its hard to make out the true form of the ship from this angle. Also the stuff at background dont seem to fit with the quality of the ship. (imagine Mona Lisa in middle of drawings made by 6yr olds)

well, it is always nice to have my model likened to the mona lisa :D.rethinking the angle of the shot may take a whiles, because it takes like a decade to render :), i will se what i can do though.

ok, removed the 6 year old drawings (hehe) and rendered it this way…

Better… i guess. I’d still think about the angle.

Yup, and me as well.

That looks really great. Nice lighting.

Keep it up

thanks :D, its always good to hear!

and here is the final version (hopefully :D) of the image :smiley:


ehhhhh…maybe this was my chance to make somthing that could be inspiring to someone…obviously not juding by the lack of interest of this thread…


much better:yes:. i don´t get why ppl don´t have much interest either. i guess that there isn´t much to say rly

eh, your probably right, but some star rating now and then would be quite nice :slight_smile:

nice job! maybe put some AO on.

AO is on…

bad comments are better than no comments which is what i always get :).

i think i have lost all self confidence today…:frowning: hasnt been a good day for me :frowning:

try fooling around with materials on some randome sphere. that always cheers me up:D

Its always worth a try :slight_smile: thanks for the tip

EDIT: hey, i feel better already!

Hey, I loved this thing. If you put this in Vegastrike or something I’d go buy one :).

I followed the WIP thread on and off too, just never really had anything to say. :confused:

I do think it’s really cool when I start seeing the same headline in FP as in WIP, though sometimes it makes me think I clicked on the wrong link :D.

I actually just came back into the thread and downloaded a copy, which is something I’m trying to get in the habit of doing for stuff I like so I can ever find it again. (It would be really nice if there was a way to index fp/wip/gal/BT threads by a thumbnail sheet or something.)