Status of Blender 2.8 Alpha (Blender Developers Video)

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That feature where you drag a little and instantly rotate the view 90 degrees is something I haven’t heard of before, nice.

Other than that, it looks like the polishing phase is starting to make 2.8 feel more complete. With crashes/showstoppers being resolved and sculpt mode working again, there should be a lot more user testing of 2.8 in the weeks ahead.

The new menu for the visibility and selectability depending on the type of object is really really usefull, and having it in the viewport’s header, love that !

This feature exist since 2.7, not sure why he showed that :thinking:… It’s like zbrush, modo and so on…

Are you sure about that?


That’s a different feature, that is viewport snapping, not view tweaking to set views

Close, but slightly different

Oh okay… I guess I’m not understanding what this new feature does then… :+1:

alt+middlemouse quick tweaks fling the view to the nearest 90° view

Ah okay… Seems a bit redundant feature, don’t you think?
But it’s always good to have options… :wink:

ok so it works, need more work to make it easy to use.
For example, alt + clic to go in front view, alt + double click to back view.

If we are in top and want to make a 360, the result is bad.

This is amazing! Developers have done tremendous work! Blender 2.8 looks very sleek, modern, a lot less intimidating(for new users) and seems a lot more functional. Material Outputs for different render engines is amazing feature, I’m very happy to see it! Alt+Rotate view (as in Zbrush view snapping) is also great productivity booster. Detachable windows look fantastic, eager to test them.

Any news on the Industry keymap?

Certainly some things can be subjectively argued about, but overall it’s massive improvement and no doubt Code Quest was a great success! Very grateful to developers and everyone involved for their hard work! We’re not an easy crowd to please :wink: Hope such quests happen more often.


Yeah, it’s pretty cludgy in its current implementation. For me, spinning it around moves my view across the screen while it’s spinning, and it takes long mouse strokes to get it to switch from a Z to XY perspective. Even weirder, when you’re in Eevee, it doesn’t smoothly rotate to the different ortho view, it just instantly clicks into place.

Though I gotta say that I’m happy with the addition. Once it’s working, I won’t need to use a pie menu to switch perspectives anymore. It’s swanky.

Huh, I hadn’t noticed that view transitions aren’t enabled in eevee right now. Hopefully they get those back in soon!

Some criteria also.

Loaded this 2.79 scene:

  • UNDO IS UNUSABLE! Simply moving a object and pressing Ctrl+Z results in 8 second delay! The second time it crashed. It’s very bad in latest versions of 2.79 also (Global undo, serialization of whole scene). What I’m showcasing is a pretty much standard character you’d develop in Zbrush or elsewhere (sculpt few mil tris + some other hard mesh detail). Please throw some heavy scenes in there.

  • F6 popup could be draggable. At center of screen it can occlude

  • Would be nice if render panel also scales with UI, right now a lot of empty space. Subjective opinion though, it’s not that important.

  • Exposure in Viewport(Eevee) should be added to same place where HDR rotation and Background opacity is.

The regular color management exposure slider affects the viewport now, doesn’t it?

I’m not sure, but quick test shows that it affects both Eevee viewport and Cycles viewport preview. Subjectively think that it would be very comfortable to control HDR EXPOSURE in same place as rotation and bg:

I said many times that having options in 2 different places is bad.

I do agree that Blender needs a redesigned undo system. The new single-stack undo gets rid of a few issues (such as discarding everything done during a sculpt session), but what we really need is a multi-stack system that can crosscheck each other (for the purpose of invalidating items that no longer apply).

In addition, we need a new type of undo step which would essentially be operators, but designed to take the input of operations already done and do them in reverse (making the undoing of things like transforms far faster).

I do respect Campbell as an experienced coder (noting the newest changes is his work), but sometimes I wonder if the devs. don’t test notable changes on anything more than a cube or a suzanne?

This is a huge problem of Blender in general… Scattered information all over the place… :frowning: