Steelbird -finishline (New update 22/9)

Here’s my new WIP. I’m makin’ a new robot character inspired by the blender logo and the small robot in a picture made by andy.

Here’s the progress:

A little work with the neck:

I would realy appriciate some c&c!

i like… it seems like a chicken… i wich i could give that colour to my works…

Use a HDRI picure to your world “material” and render with yafray! That makes it shine :wink:

i will try that later… tkx …

I think it is good.But you should only improve eye material a bit

yeah … u could open it a bit… :smiley:

Some work on the wings:

Full picture, the eye is a bit more open:

nice work… im liking… by the way you could make the “feather” a bit transparent…

The fethers are suposed to be metall, and I havn’t seen any transparent metal. So I don’t think that I will %|

It looks really nice. Kinda reminds me of Anim8or’s bird logo.

ok… so itś good like that… :expressionless:

hmm don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t see the pictures.

Are you swedish ?

Then there is some problems at imageshack!.. Yes i’m swe! And you?

[More progress tomoro’]

just tomorow… i will wait to see…

off topic: do you play hattrick?!?

Nice going Kothe. Waiting for the next update

Klart man är svensk:)
Ofcourse I’m swedish.:slight_smile:

Very nice, I only have one crit. Lengthen the head feathers (if that’s what they are) a bit to make it look more blender-like. And maybe a little more detail on the eye.

snk: Sorry I have to make you dissapointed. I forgot my freakin’ mouse for the laptop today. Maybe I’m able to borrow one from a friend, otherwise there will be no modelling until after 8 hours. And no I don’t play hattrick (What is that?)

Kul med lite svenskar här. Var håller du till i sverige? Skulle vara kul att fixa en liten träff för oss svenska “blenderheads”!

Fun with some swedish people here. Where are you living? Would be fun to meet up with the swedish “blenderheads” some time!

sprinkles: I will add details to the eye later, I write it down on my todo-list. I have to finish the “pre-version” of the body first. And I don’t realy want it to look like the blenderlogo very much, just a tiny bit. So I think I keep the head like it is!

Thanks for your comments!

Here’s the latest update, I have started out with the body. I don’t realy now if the wings turned out like I wanted them to. Any crits on that point?

This is no update. Just some more views to get more c&c.
So please I need you comments!