Stickman Rpg - Update: 24 Jan

Hey all,

I am making this game as a final assignment for my school. Which I need to finish in about a year from now. :stuck_out_tongue: I have had a kinda large brake because I have been learning python and going on holliday etc.

We are still working on this project. Once the main scrips and models are made I’ll start a new thread by the name: Face of War. Till then, no updates :wink:

It’s kinda a basic Rpg game.

At first I wanted to add a possibility to add different classes. But I changed the plan. :stuck_out_tongue:
Though I still need to think about it a lot, here’s the begin. You create 1 basi character and earn different skills like fighting, magic etc.

Stage 1 - Newb
Your character starts on a tutorial island. It’s an island where he learns the basics of fighting with a simpel sword. After completing his first quest (saving a quardian from a spider cave), your character can fight agains serveral creatures and earn a little money.

Stage 2 - Warrior
When you have trained enough, the quardian you saved in the cave offers you a job to join their army. You can teleport to the mainland and start your real adventure. A warrior can fight with swords and hammer and has a few skills. New skills will be added through the whole game.

Stage 3 - Archer
I don’t know for sure if I’m gonna make this class yet. A archer shoots arrow and so has the possibility to hit at range. Maybe I will also give rangers the possibility to tam creatures. Maybe… if I know a easy way to do it… I’ll make so that the ranger can tam all of the monsters that are available of fighting in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stage 4 - Mage
I haven’t come up with a whole story jet. But I think I will let him meet some old wizzard in the middle of a swamp which will teach him the secrets of magic. Magic can be combined with fighting. However wands / staffs will add a little more magic bones. A mage uses the power of nature to attack his enemy. And is also able to chage his environment in his advantage.

Stage 5 - Summoner :yes:
I don’t know at all how the character will come up with the skill, but it’s the coolest so far. ^^ He gets the posibillity to summon creatures. This will start with little animals like chickens, spiders etc. And will be growing a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: He can summon creatures that will follow him and fight while the character is fighting. He can also summon creatures that fiht for a little amount of time or even one hit.

Stage 6/7/8… - Master / Hero / Legend…
The following classes will be more like titels I think… They just give status to your character. I don’t know if I add any more skills with it.

Well, that’s a very short subscription of what the classes are gonna be like. Also a difference is that in most of the Rpg’s the difference between the newbest and the best is kinda limited. And I wanna change that. I want to give the opertunity to become the mightiest of all players! ^-^ That should only take effect if I can make it on line… But whatevr. =Þ

On line
Oke. I have discovered that it’s way out of my reach to make the whole game mmorpg. So for now it’s gonna be a Rpg only. Later. I need someone to join or I’ll have to learn a lot of python to make a speacial Duel arena. In which players can go with their character and fight each other. Probably earn money.

Also I think it would be pretty cool to arrange tournaments in which players fight each other and earn money or maybe spells, or weapons which I only make for that 1/3 guy(s) that win the tournament. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for ready my boring plan. =]

Btw, if anyone of you think I “stole” the idea of making stick game from this dude:

Well, you’re wrong… Cause this was my idea earlier. ^-^

Any questions or wanna join? Pm me… =]


Couldn’t resist posting the first spell of the summoner: Summon Chicken!!!

Some more images on page 4. ^^

New ideas are always welcome! :slight_smile:

Ps: I could really use a scripter. Esspecially for on line. And could use an texture artist. I’m also very thankfull for everyone helping me on the forum. Or if anyone makes just a model or something. :stuck_out_tongue: All names will be added with the credits.

Awesome. I love the toon style of the screens


Very nice! (Lol, it doesn’t matter if you made the same idea as the other guy) Many people get same the idea :smiley:

btw Hellooo, happy birthday 2 days ago :smiley:

Haha, ty Linkxgl. Didn’t even noticed it. xD
Thx for positive comments. I’m already making some great improments that aren’t on the site jet.

This is looking really good by the screenshots so far :smiley:
One question: How did you accomplish the toon-shading look? Is it a texture? Material nodes? Filter?

haha hey looks greate ! good luck with everything :slight_smile:

I’ll explain it very short.
You duplicate the object. Then make the object you have duplicated a little bigger then the original object. Add a new colour to the duplicated object (black) and delete the camera’s. Go to edit modus of the duplicated object en press A to select all verticles. Then press Crl + F to flip normals. Tada… you have your edge. You probably understand how it works.

I advice you to try it with a cube first. Plz do not reply on this messege on this forum but just Pm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. You will use ragdoll?

No…? That’s just a object with a armature. :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t resist posting the first summoning spell of the summoner! Summon… Chicken!!! x’D

Screens are at the top under: Edit 4

Let me know what you think of it :slight_smile:

Awesome idea! Love the toon shader :smiley:

I LOLed at the chicken. XD

Keep up the good work.

Made a youtube video. Top of site

Rokcin game dude!

I’ve got one question… On the summoner how did you make it where the clouds came up… I never knew how to do this…:o

awesomeness whoehoee!!!
weet ni wrm ik een account heb
maar khad niks te doen…

hou van je Xx

looking awesome so far, keep up the good work.

The chicken summon is my fave part =D

100% agree! That chicken dude is totally the best! Keep it up!

awesome dude

that’s awesome! good job