Strange parent/child double transform when keying

I have found that trying to animate a child has a strange double transform effect when key framing. I have watched many, many parenting and rigging tutorials and have looked for forums that address the issue but have not found anything relevant. So here it is.

Here is a video of the problem.
As you can see it is a very simple parent of one cube to another. But if I rotate the parent and then keyframe the child the child jumps.

Welcome to BA :slight_smile:

You need to apply all transforms on both objects (Ctrl A), and then you should probably be animating the delta location instead of the location

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Thanks for the welcome! I am excited to be here. I am a long time Maya user (20 years now!) and am new to Blender. I am trying to wrap my mind around the Blender workflow.

Unfortunately, applying the transforms and animating the delta location still has strange artifacts :frowning:

You’re right, that is weird. But I’m having trouble recreating the issue. When I try to follow the steps you take in the video, my cube doesn’t jump.

Is it possible that there is some step that I’m missing, from just trying to follow along with the video?

I make a cube. I duplicate it, move it, scale it down. I object parent the duplicate to the original (using the menu.) I rotate the original. I keyframe the location of the duplicate (using the buttons in properties/object/transform.) I advance frames-- and it stays exactly where it is. As everybody expects, as it should.

Perhaps you could share the file? Or perhaps you could list the exact steps you’re taking in text?

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This should not happen. Is this some wierd bug on Mac?
One weird thing i noticed is that when you set the keyframes by dragging only one of them turns yellow the other ones turn brown. Yellow indicates that the keyframe is on the current frame.
Brown indicates that there is a keyframe on the current frame but that you have changed the value of this key frame and have not yet commited it.
Can you try doing the same thing but instead of dragging the keyframes click on them individually.
Or of that does not work hoverover one of the values and hit the “i” key.

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First thanks to everyone chiming in! You all are amazing. If you are ever in Bangkok I’ll buy you a fancy coffee.

I am able to upload the file now (less of a noob).

strange parent child double transform when keyed.blend (817.5 KB)

I will try this out on my PC when I get home and see if that makes a difference.

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OK. So I did the same thing on my PC at home and no problems… so looks likely to be a bug on the Mac.

What are some possible work arounds? Drivers? Constraints? Bones?

Should I report this bug on the forums?

This is just too basic to work around. It’d be like trying to work around a broken monitor.

You could see if armatures and bone parenting are less buggy.

I guess you should be looking at other options for parenting as well. I’ll typically parent with ctrl -p in the 3D view, and that has options for “keep transform”, “keep transform without inverse”. I don’t even know what the menus do because I never use them.

Yeah, you should report it on the bug tracker, not any forums. To get to the proper page, use help->report a bug from the main menu in Blender.

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Yes, please report the bug. But not on the forums.
In Blender go to the Help menu (right next to File, Edit and so on)
and press “Report a bug”.
If you need any more help here is a video tutorial:

As for a workaround:
Does creating the keyframes separately without dragging work? You could also try to press “i” in the viewport and then from the menu select “location”. Or press “i” while hovering over your transforms.

Creating keyframes separately has the same effect. As does pressing “i”.

I reported the bug. I downloaded version 2.8 and it works fine on Mac but of course it messes up my files that were created in 3.3.

Thanks for everyone’s help. It is super helpful knowing it is a bug.


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This is a terrible bug. Thank you for reporting it.

It appears that keyframes are created. The one on the z axis is created correctly. The ones on x an y are not. can you check the curve editor (shift f6) where these keyframes are created?

Here is a screenshot of the curve editor.

Also I have been testing older version of Blender on my Mac. It turns out version 3.1.2 things work normal. It is the later versions that this started,

If you move the timeline now to another frame what happens with the keyframes?