Stream scene

Hello. :slight_smile: I am more of an enviroment person and i am currently working on a scene now and got afew pics that i have rendered. I am just having a little problem. I want the stencil effect to begin before the land meets with the water [like further up in the scene] but i have no idea how to do it. Can somebody help me please? [Scene is basicly empty right now.]


Each and every last tip will be greatly appricated.

Looks pretty good for a start. I would try to change the size of the textures for the mountains so that they are smaller. The sky seems kind of weird too. Like it has a seam in it.

It looks nice, but I would at least shrink (and probably change) that texture on the hills!
Apart from that, it’s good and I like the water.

Thank you, going to change the hills and remodel it a bit. The sky dosent have a seam in it, it might look that way because its actually a sphere.

Here it is. Increased the repeat for the grass texture, and change the sky texture so it will look darker and the clouds and stars will be brighter.


Still looks like a curved seam to me. Anywho looking better! It now needsd to be bump maped and play around with the new static hair particles. I think it would look cool with grass. And perhaps trees. Also perhaps a different angle, like close to the first hill on the right. Than later on you can play with depth of field and get a realistic looking image.

A nice start, for starters!

The hill-texture looks a bit too noisy though. Too much distortion.

Perhaps you can add some rocks or model some actual tall grass by the side of the stream. It’s too clean, the way the grassy land just slips into the stream.

Yeah, i need help fixing that problem, i dont know how to have the texture changed that the point before it hits the water.

I dont understand which seam you are talking about. I dont see any seam when i look at it. Can you open it in pain and point 2 red arrows at the seam? i would greatly appricate it.

Added afew trees but have not set up the lights as yet so its mostly dark. I was the scene to remain just as lit as it currently is but also would like for the trees to be alittle more visable, probably going to up the emittor value.


Ooh, nice job, its coming along very nicely! LOve the foilage. Some of the lighting could be improved, too many dark areas where you can’t see anything.

It’s in the sky. Like two opposite ends of an image joined together.

JoelD, I think Yu-Wang means the cutting edge of the moon. Isn’t it?

Cos I haven’t found any other seam in the picture… :-?

[Edit]…hehe…'cos that is a huge moon, innit? :expressionless: :expressionless: …or the seam itself?

I think thats the moon your talking about. I changed the texture on the trees. [made with lysystem] and i added moon light to the scene. Going to need to add something to the scene that gives off light…gonna try to add fireflies mabey.


C&C would be greatly appricated.

First time I see this project but here are my crits

1)Awesome Idea so far. I love the feel and mood of the image

2)FIBER!!! Get your hands on the Fiber script and add grass and other small plants such as reeds for added detail

3)Sky: its defenitely odd in my opinion. The clouds feel odd going vertically. Maybe use one of the skymaps offered in the blender general forums

Thank you so much ^_^. And about the sky, i was aiming for that effect, i need this scene to look very odd, like something that probably would never happen in this world.

I think you could put one light with shadows to it, it would add to it. For shadows, soft kind of shadows.